Connecting with the Angelic Realm and trusting our instinct.

How often do you think about angels? Do you see them? Do you feel them? Or do you simply work with them? An angel, in the Webster's dictionary is defined as a spiritual being employed by God to communicate with human kind. . It is believed that God created spiritual essences (Angels) out of nothing. (De fide.) The Bible also refers to angels as being created by God (Col. 1:16). They were created in the beginning, before man, and even before the world (Job 38:6,7). Christ then taught of their existence (Matt 8:10, 24:31).

However, the existence of Angels was denied by the Sadducees (Acts 23, 8: "The Sadducees say that there is no resurrection neither Angel nor spirit; but the Pharisees confess both."), and by materialists and rationalists in all times. Modern rationalists explain Angels as personifications of Divine attributes and activities but what is also interesting is that most religions have some form of connection or belief in Angels and they are said to be part of our consciousness and part of our inner light and spirit. The great watchers of the universe and our soul protectors through troubled times.

If you call on an angel he is said to bring you reassurance and guidance. Many people claim that angels transform our lives because they take themselves lightly and are free from pain, sin and guilt. So in order to connect with the angelic realm it is first of all important that we relax our minds, open our hearts and let go of our worries. Even just by hearing the word “Angel” we automatically feel a sense of spirituality or we perhaps think about what the word angel means to us. According to angel researcher Sophy Burnham, the mystery of angels has been part of most cultures in the world and has been part of the development of some folklore and theological beliefs. The belief in angels has been carried through ancient history and Judaic, Christian, and Islamic lore and has influenced each other's religious faiths as well.

Of course it can be hard believing that we all have a guardian angel when so many of us face dilemmas in life that have no explanation and sometimes no matter how hard we try we can not find the answers to our questions but so many of us have encountered experiences with angels that seem far beyond explanation. When we experience a connection with a light outside of the universe the experience is usually so profound and so powerful that we don’t actually feel we need to ask any further questions as the reassurance we feel afterwards is so strong. Philosophers such as Thomas Aquinas and Adler have presented arguments that support the possibility of the existence of angels and their ability to have an impact on the human experience. By allowing for the possibility of the existence of angels, philosophy has made it possible for non-believers in spiritual life to believe in the existence of angels. According to Adler, the acceptance of the possibility of the existence of an incorporeal substance allows for the conclusion that angels do actually exist.

Even sometimes when we pray in desperation for help we may feel a cool breeze on our shoulders, an echo in the far distance or an unexplained warmth within our souls that lets us know that angels are indeed by our sides and have also heard our prayers. For example John from New York was able to heal his life after his Father died as he explains: “My Father died when I was at college and I went through a really hard time. I never really got on with him and felt we had never taken time to settle our differences before he passed away. He was disappointed on my choice of subjects. Anyway, he died suddenly of a heart attack when he was 50 and it caught me completely off guard. One day I was just lying on my bed listening to music when I felt really cold and the hairs on the back of my arms stood on end. It felt like someone was there holding my hand and I just knew at that moment that it was all right and that my dad understood everything and it could all be put to rest. After that day, I just got on with my course and I became much happier again”.

It’s experiences such as these that help us to understand and reconnect with our lives again after going through difficult times and although we can not physically see angels we know they are there through experiences similar to John’s. Many people speak about a similar sort of relief after they have had a reading with a medium who is naturally tuned into the angelic realm. This surely gives us the faith that we need and reassurance that everything is going to be ok! Just simply open your hearts and open your eyes to the magic and mystical beauty of the angelic realm.

Signs angels are by your side:

Unexplained Goosebumps, shivers and cool breezes
Flickers of light
Seeing white feathers and coins in strange places
Feeling an unexplained sense of relief and protection
Feeling a strong connection with nature
Hearing gentle noises

John’s story – Walking with Angels, Carmel Reilly


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