Different types of Lightworkers

Which one do you connect with?

Most of us at some point in our lives have felt touched by someone and this can be anyone! From the girl in the supermarket to the psychic or lightworker at the end of the telephone line. We are thankful for such uplifting connections but we are not always sure why they are there or why we connect so well with some people and then not so well with others.

We may even see people in the streets or on TV that make us feel special and it can remain a mystery as to why we feel such a connection. In theory, everyone is a Lightworker in their own way it’s just we don’t all know we are. A Lightworker is basically someone that is aware of their own life purpose and ability to help others. Awareness can take us to so many different levels. For example, we can appreciate that the Sun occasionally breaks through the clouds and makes us feel good, but if we take time to look a little harder and experience the feeling of sunshine we can then begin to experience the feeling of our own vitality which then passes on the capacity to help those that struggle to see the meaning behind the picture. When considering the concept of a Lightworker, ask yourself:

What is it about a person that makes you feel special? Is it their energy? Is it their smile? Or perhaps it is just their lust for life? We don’t really know why some people make us feel more special than others, rather, we just accept it. If you are spiritually connected to someone then you might find that you can read each other without having to speak any words. Most people that encounter spiritual beings and experiences for example find that they don’t need to use spoken words during the visitation or experience as body language and thoughts take over.

Have you ever had a reading with a psychic and felt connected to them? Almost as if you don’t need to speak because they already know? When you have any sort of reading done whether it be clairvoyantly or angelically you are exchanging spiritual vibes and working with the higher realms, even if you don’t feel it.
What is interesting about most spiritual connections is that you usually begin to see something within the person first that tells you, you will indeed connect such as their features or their vocals.

You may set eyes on someone very spiritual and notice something about their face shape that seems familiar, or see a sparkle in their eyes that sends a rush of familiar identity through you. Have you ever thought that it could be possible that the connection you are experiencing is connected to supernatural beings that you were once part of in some way? For example, many healers and Lightworkers are called “Earth Angels” because they once lived as an angel but have come back to work on earth to transform and offer guidance to those that need it.

Some of us have natural gifts that are unexplainable and it could be that the people you feel most connected to in life or build inspiration from have been part of your spiritual journey in a past life. All humans are special in some form but many light workers and healers are said to have spent their soul’s lifetime searching higher realms so that they can help those who are learning on earth. Therefore these spiritual beings decide to incarnate as humans but the essence of their spiritual knowledge is transparent to those with open souls, which is why we connect so well with people at times and can’t find the words to express the connection. So what types of people are most likely to make you feel special? Here are some explanations of the types you may or may not have already crossed paths with:

Earth Angels

Earth Angels are people that have previously been angels, fairies or witches in their past lives. They will often have an earthy sort of feel to them and will possibly be an earth sign too such as a Capricorn, Virgo or Taurus (But not always). These people know how to take care of others and can do it in a very practical way. They are often into nature and will have a special life purpose that involves taking care of others such as a nurse or a healer.

Incarnated Angels

These types are true representations of learning life’s lessons as quite often they will experience a lot of pain and hardship but seem incredibly strong despite some of their heartaches. Often they have fair hair and sparkling blue eyes that tend to dazzle like the sea. Their faces often look as if they have been carved in some way and they may have strong cheek bones. Both animals and children will be drawn to these types and they often find themselves in tragic circumstances such as accident scenes or emergency events where they can be of assistance. Often they are so spiritual that they see their bodies as prisons and may even feel awkward or uncomfortable in their own skin because their physical senses are hypersensitive, they are true empaths with a lot of psychic ability. Likely star sign - (Pisces/Scorpio)

Mystic Stars

Mystic stars are often very creative/unusual people. They themselves can be fascinated by the stars and even read them, therefore they may well take up a profession such as astrology. They can sometimes appear as if they belong to a different planet as well but they are usually very fascinating and magnetic to be around. They can apply themselves to spiritual work such as Reiki and bring much wisdom to peoples’ needs and concerns. They may have a strange, wiry appearance with exaggerated features, such as large eyes or nose. They are known to be great multitaskers! Likely star sign - (Gemini and Aquarius)


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