Spiritual healing

How you can use the power of spiritual healing to re-balance yourself, your loved ones and pets

Spiritual Healing
If you're feeling a bit under the weather, you should listen to your body. Ignoring the signs of illness will not make them disappear and feeling well is about more than just popping a pill to mask the symptoms. To be in glowing health, your physical, mental and spiritual aspects need to be in balance. This is where spiritual healing can help you. Spiritual healing is a complementary therapy, which means it works alongside orthodox medicine. You should never avoid going to see your doctor if you are unwell. But spiritual healing can work at a deeply therapeutic level to ease the pain of all kinds of diseases, whether physical or emotional. Or it can give you an invigorating boost even if you have no specific complaint.
How it works
Despite its name, spiritual healing is not affiliated to any religious denomination and anyone can benefit from it regardless of their particular faith or lack of spirituality. This is because the healing deals with the 'life force' element of your body which everybody possesses. It is about rebalancing all aspects of your life force. Spiritual healing is called an energy therapy because it is thought that the healers tap into universal energy and channel this healing force to where it is needed in your body.
The focusing of thought and energy is intended to treat the body as a whole and to bring it back into balance so your symptoms will ease. For instance, if you constantly have headaches, there may be a purely physical cause for this, in which case spiritual healing can work alongside your doctor's advice to alleviate the physical pain. But it may be that your headaches are triggered by negative thought patterns which lead to the pain. In which case, the spiritual healing can help you breakaway from these negative thoughts, addressing the root cause and rebalancing your body.
Spiritual healers are ordinary people who have found they have a natural talent for healing other people. Most healers give their services freely without charge to those in need, especially at Spiritualist churches. The healer will lay their hands over you, perhaps at the top of your head or over your injury if it's physical. It's a very non intrusive, gentle therapy as you can sit down and do not have to remove any clothing or even be touched, although some healers may lay hands gently on you rather than over you. You can go in alone or have a friend sitting with you.
Try it yourself
Although it's best to see a registered spiritual healer if you want to focus strong healing intent on a specific problem, you can certainly try your hand at spiritual healing at home - you may discover that you have a natural aptitude for it.
*Stand in a quiet, safe space at home with the person you want to heal seated or lay in front of you. If you are self healing, sit down
*Light a candle or burn some incense to mark the shift towards spiritual intentions
*Close your eyes and focus your mind and intent upon the illness to be healed
*Take a few moments to clear your mind of all other thoughts and really focus upon the person
*Lay your hands over the effected area or above the top of the person's head
*Say, in your mind, 'I ask for this person to be healed'
*Imagine a bright white healing light flowing through your hands into the other person
*Think about the gentle, soothing heat of this light as it flows into the other person
*Imagine yourself as a channel for this divine energy; focus all your intent on this person being healed
*Stay like this for as long as you like - usually about ten minutes is sufficient
*Slowly come back to your normal state. Both you and the other person should take a few quiet minutes after the healing and drink a glass of water. Remember to extinguish any candles or incense
If the person you wish to heal cannot be physically present, you can try distance healing. This is an equally valid method of spiritual healing. Use a photo of the person to focus your healing intent, or picture them in your mind as you repeat the process detailed above.
A helping hand with healing...
Strengthen the power of your spiritual healing by calling upon archangels to aid your intentions
Healing for physical and mental illness
Archangel Raphael is a powerful healer. Ask him to ease physical pain and suffering.
If your pain is emotional or mental ask him to bring your body back into balance.
Call on Raphael to help you find the strength to beat addictions and overcome grief.
*Ask for healing help that is for your highest good
*Listen to the signs you will receive
*Help yourself by resting and following medical advice
*Trust that you will be well again
Healing for children
*Call upon angel Adriel to watch over your poorly child and ease their suffering
*Ask angel Cassiel to protect your child and keep them safe
*Ask angel Chamuel to enfold your child in his love, keeping them protected from accidents and harm at all times
Healing for animals
You can try spiritual healing on animals as well as humans. Perform it in the same way as for a human, being careful not to alarm or hurt your animal and taking care to remember that a wounded animal will often lash out.
*Ask archangel Ariel to channel her loving powers to soothe and heal your pet
*Archangel Chamuel protects animals as well as children
*Ask archangel Raphael to help you find a lost pet


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