Pisces Horoscope

Daily Horoscope

15 June 2024

A family project could reach a milestone, as the Quarter Moon encourages you to liaise with your partner and close ones to take things a stage further. Need to tweak a few things? Get it right now and you'll make fabulous progress very soon. And with tactful Venus in sociable and communicative Gemini, use this opportunity to smooth the way ahead with vital discussions.

Weekly Horoscope

Week beginning 10 June 2024

Ready for a domestic renaissance? As talkative Mercury joins other uplifting planets in Gemini, it's a great time for diving into books, bonding over board games, or starting that home-based business you've been dreaming about. Your place becomes both a sanctuary for learning and a hub of productivity. New collaborations could blossom into fruitful ventures too, Pisces.

Daily Love Horoscope

31 August 2023

Halfway between your last birthday month and the next the Moon not only returns to Pisces but as the Full Moon that brings you to the halfway point in each solar year and with it a chance for a reset. Always while the Sun is in your relationship sector this can push some buttons as your personal and relationship needs clash, but its job is to make both more transparent. In retrograde motion Mercury, the planet of communication is on hand to give your emotional responses, relationships, the past and unsaid words a voice.

Weekly Love Horoscope

Weeky beginning 14 August 2023

While you have reached an important week on the romantic and relationship fronts, you can afford to put all your focus on one first and then the other and it is important that you do. While Mars moves into his final two weeks in your relationship sector on Monday and this is Mercury, the planet of communication's last full week in direct motion here, they can afford to wait as matters of the heart go first. Why this matters is that the Moon is not only leaving your romantic sector on Monday but two days before Juno's departure on Wednesday will end all planetary activity on the romantic front for the year. These romantically charged lunar vibes are key to working with Juno, the queen of commitment to not only get the most out of her final days but for having something that you can commit to moving forward. No sooner is Juno gone that the focus shifts to your relationships, with Mars not only moving into a friendly aspect to Uranus in your communication sector but ahead of the Moon's return to your relationship sector on Thursday.

Pisces Personality Traits 

With Pisces, we find a lot of strong, recognisable traits that set them apart from the other 11 signs of the Zodiac, with some relating to emotion and creativity, and others referring to their temperament or mannerisms. Below, you can find the most common Pisces personality traits, along with information on how they can impact the person.


Perhaps the most prominent personality trait shown by Pisces is their undeniable creativity - they are by far the most artistic sign of all the Zodiac signs and frequently express this creativity at any given opportunity. With a strong imagination and active mind, Pisces often pick up creative hobbies very quickly, with many taking to the arts such as music, painting, and writing. However, with this passion for creativity, we often see a lack of logic displayed by Pisces - this may see them doing things in the least practical way, but can also lead to strokes of genius arising by thinking outside of the box. 


If ever you find yourself needing a shoulder to cry on, or just someone to listen to you as you vent about your thoughts and feelings, a Pisces will always be on hand to lend an ear. They are great empathisers, due to their ability to read the emotions of others and tune into how people feel, giving them a better connection to empathise through.

Overly Emotional

Whilst a Pisces’ connection with their emotions does help them to empathise with other people, it can also sometimes work against them; When their strong emotions get the better of them, they often become overrun with emotion and can become overly emotional or moody. With this in mind, don’t be surprised to see a Pisces completely shut down during a tough conversation or argument; this can be a way that the person deals with this overload of emotions, and it can often take them a long time to overcome this. In keeping with this, and with their fellow water signs, Pisces are known to hold grudges. 


Pisces are warm, trusting beings who love to find the best institutions and people, but when mixing with the wrong crowds this, can result in them being overly trusting and easily swayed by dominant personalities. If persuaded to, a Pisces will have no problem being lured into situations that are impractical rather than following the most logical path, which can land them in trouble if they aren’t careful.  Pisces are optimistic people who like to try to see the best in people, rather than erring on the side of caution when they should. 


However, this tendency to put others thoughts and feelings before themselves does make Pisces a very generous group of people - they love caring for people and enjoy making people happy, so they’re likely to go out of their way to make this happen! The only problem with this is that Pisces can sometimes be too selfless, which can end up with them putting other people’s happiness ahead of their own.

What Are Pisces’ Weaknesses?

A Pisces’s weaknesses are all deeply rooted within their strong emotional side, which often controls them more than they’d probably like it to. This heart-on-sleeve approach to life can lead to a Pisces becoming very vulnerable to deceit and betrayal from those that they trust most. In turn, Pisces make very easy targets and are usually the victims in situations where a betrayal has been committed. 

What’s more, despite spending so much time helping others through problems, Pisces are often very unreceptive to the kind of support that they typically offer out, finding it very hard to accept help from friends and family. Feeling misunderstood or feeling that they aren’t offered the same attention by others as they give out themselves is a major factor in this. When hurt repeatedly, a Pisces will start to shut down and close off - this is their damage limitation. 

Who Are Pisces Compatible With?

Every sign has a different level of compatibility with the other signs, with no sign being more reliant on having the right people around them than Pisces. Below you can find out how well matched each star sign is with Pisces and this will give you an idea of who to choose and who to avoid when it comes to romantic relationships.

Pisces and Aries

The compatibility between these two signs is rather weak - the personalities don’t match very well and thus a relationship here may be a tough one. The main issue between these two signs is that their temperaments are entirely different, with Pisces being moody and overly-sensitive, whilst Aries are impatient, impulsive, and stubborn. This is sure to lead to a crossing of wires and more than a few arguments throughout the relationship. Aries can also be quite confrontational, which again will not work well with a Pisces who will likely feel attacked when being confronted.

Pisces and Leo 

Again, the compatibility is between Pisces and Leo is weak, meaning that relationships between these two signs are not the strongest. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t degrees of compatibility between the two signs, and this lies in the signs’ admiration for each other’s qualities. Leo tends to be optimistic, brave, and loyal, which are all traits that Pisces is fond of, whilst Pisces’ uniqueness and creativity are impressive to a Leo. 

Whilst a Pisces would never intentionally steal the limelight from their Leo compatriot, they do have quite an infectious aura about them, which a Leo may find issues with. It’s also noted that a Pisces can sometimes feel overwhelmed or invisible in a relationship with a Leo, which is not a healthy foundation to build upon.

Pisces and Cancer 

Pisces and Cancer have a very high level of compatibility with each other, making them a fantastic match for romantic relationships. Both signs display traits of sensitivity, compassion, and emotion, which bounce off each other really well. Pisces and Cancer are both very faithful partners and require lots of romance and passion in their romantic relationships, so in this regard, they are a perfect match for each other. Where Cancer seeks a nurturing partner, Pisces seeks someone who is sympathetic, and each sign offers what the other is seeking in this situation, making for a very healthy relationship. 

All in all, a Pisces and Cancer match is an all-out love-fest that they’ll want to shout about from the rooftops!

Pisces and Scorpio 

Another sign that Pisces has very strong relationship compatibility with is Scorpio - who together are the most likely pairing to simply fall in love with at first sight. While Scorpio prefers to be the dominant personality in the relationship, Pisces is fine with this and will be very happy so long as they feel protected and safe. One of the main bonds that these two signs possess is their passion; Scorpio tends to despise cheating, so it’s a good omen that Pisces is known for being incredibly faithful in their relationships too. 

Pisces and Taurus 

Much like in the case of Feng Shui, the relationship between Pisces and Taurus, which is a very compatible one, is all about balance and support. Pisces are naturally very lofty individuals with their heads in the clouds, so the grounded personality of a Taurus can bring the Pisces back down to earth and help them to access their creative side. Taurus can however be very possessive in a relationship, which may mean a Pisces may need to set boundaries at times, but still these two can make a seamless match when they respect each other completely. 

Pisces and Sagittarius 

When things are kept light and friendly, Pisces and Sagittarius personalities get along without any major issues, but when things get serious, problems can arise. Once things get serious, Sagittarius’ fear of being tied down clashes with a Pisces’s need for attention and care. In time, a Pisces is likely to become too needy and dependent for a Sagittarius to deal with. 

Pisces and Gemini

This can be a very complicated relationship, as many of the personality traits points towards a strong and compatible relationship, whilst other aspects of each character profile may cause clashes that will end a relationship. In general, both signs are open-minded and receptive to each other’s views, which can lead to a very constructive relationship between the two. However, Gemini will look to keep things uncomplicated and vague for as long as possible, whereas Pisces will search for reassurance and confirmation about the validity of the relationship very quickly. 

Pisces and Virgo 

Both of these signs are intelligent, creative, and enjoy communication, which makes them a good match. Pisces and Virgo both have deeply rooted feelings, but Pisces is much better at expressing these through emotion than Virgo is, which could lead to potential clashes. One major clash that could arise is to do with Virgo’s organised, perfectionist nature, which does not agree with the relaxed, laid-back, and potentially sometimes lazy nature of a Pisces. For a Pisces-Virgo relationship to thrive, it will rely on a great deal of effort, care, and cooperation from both sides.

Pisces and Libra 

Great as friends, but awkward as partners - that’s the tale of Pisces and Libra. What’s intriguing between these two signs is how compatible they are as friends, yet not so much as romantic partners. Both are lovers of art, creativity, and humour, but clash when it comes to romance. In a relationship, Libra will find Pisces far too sensitive and would prefer that they were less moody and sulky. This does not work for Pisces, who seeks to be cared for, nurtured, and understood by their partner. In many cases, it seems that Libra needs to be less demanding of their Pisces partner, instead allowing them to deal with their emotions, and to let them grow, and thrive. 

Pisces and Capricorn 

This is generally a very good relationship, much to the surprise of many, due to just how different each of the signs is. Upon closer examination, it’s actually these stark differences that make them such a fantastic match! Capricorn’s stable influence helps to really ground Pisces, which offers them a lot of motivation and hope, while Pisces helps Capricorn to loosen up and come out of their shell to reveal their true self. With both signs being very kind and faithful, with a huge love of the arts mixed in for good measure, Pisces and Capricorn make for a very healthy and supportive relationship. 

Pisces and Aquarius

Pisces and Aquarius connect very well when it comes to the creative side of their lives. However, it’s the emotional side where the frailties begin to show between these two signs. Pisces is an old romantic who wants to fall deeply in love, whereas Aquarius will look for something that moves at a much faster pace. Aquarius will also not be very supportive of the freedom that must be allowed for a Pisces to thrive, instead preferring to enjoy home comforts. Due to these clashes, it’s likely that Aquarius will hurt Pisces but, due to their forgiving nature, they will keep affording Aquarius chance after chance. This could lead to a rather unsavoury relationship over time.

Pisces and Pisces

There is a union of two emotional individuals when a pair of Pisceans come together in a love match. They share a love of the truth, meaningful contact and a rich emotional connection, as well as having a profound spiritual relationship with their partners. They both feel like the most wonderful thing in the world is their precious friendship, and it couldn't get any better. They share an unprecedented love of beauty and harmony in the Zodiac, and both are equally committed to preserving this ideal relationship.

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Who Should Pisces Marry?

Pisces men and women make for fantastic partners in marriage and to share a lifetime with - they are loyal, dedicated, and incredibly affectionate, which is all you could really wish for in a husband or wife! Whilst they can sometimes come across as needy or attention-seeking to some signs, for the right sign they are the most endearing and beloved partners. To marry a Pisces, you’ll need a great deal of patience and empathy, much like a Pisces themselves may display, in order to truly understand them and their feelings. 

In addition to this understanding, Pisces will need to be with someone who allows them the freedom to express the boundless creative energy that they have within them; too much constraint or restriction may leave your Pisces partner feeling very alienated. When it comes to physical intimacy, it’ll need to be meaningful - with such strong emotions flowing all the time, Pisces need to feel deeply attached to those that they’re intimate with.

How To Attract A Pisces Man or Pisces Woman

Have you recently found yourself completely besotted by a Pisces in your life, but you just can’t seem to take things to the next level with them? Don’t worry, it’s completely normal for things to be slow at first - the key is learning how to show a Pisces that you’re interested in ways that they detect and understand. You can find a couple of our top tips for attracting a Pisces below!

  1. Be serious: You should only pursue a Pisces if you’re truly serious about taking your relationship to a more serious and committed level - there can be no ifs, buts, or maybe’s, only absolutes. If you enter a relationship with a Pisces without being 100% committed, it can only result in hurt and broken trust.
  2. Be open: Pisces value trust and honesty over anything - they’ll express all of their feelings and fears with you and will expect you to return the favour. By being open about your feelings, you’ll instantly start gaining the trust of your beloved Pisces, laying the foundation for a strong, stable relationship in the long run. 
  3. Be gentle: Pisces are passionate people and they give their all to everything, but when they’re betrayed or hurt it can take a long time for them to open back up to the world. When progressing things in a relationship with your Pisces partner, take things at a sensible pace, be open, and ensure that you’re being gentle and sensitive; if you stick to this, a healthy relationship is certainly on the cards.

Date Ideas For Pisces

Dating a Pisces is sure to be a fun, exciting, and spontaneous relationship for any compatible person, but knowing how to make the most of your time together is a must! Here are our top date ideas for sweeping a Pisces off their feet:

  • Picnics: For a Pisces, it’s all about romance, and there’s few things more romantic than a homemade picnic on a sunny day. Make sure that you pack your basket with all of your Pisces’ favourite treats - they’ll love those little personalised touches.
  • Cooking a meal: It doesn’t all have to be big days out and adventures either - you can have a great date with your Pisces partner in the comfort of your own home! A thoughtful home cooked meal is sure to melt their romantic heart, especially if the evening is well thought out and planned to their taste. 
  • Catch a show: Pisces’ love the arts, so it’s no surprise to learn that they love nothing more than catching a live performance; whether it’s the theatre, a concert, or a comedy show, your Pisces will be in their element. 

Pisces Astrology Report 

If you want to develop a deeper understanding of the Pisces personality, the Pisces star sign, and how to deal with a Pisces, you could benefit greatly from a Pisces astrology report. This report will not only look at the basic traits and features that Pisces display, it will also decipher different variations and paths based on the individual’s personal experiences and growth, giving a more detailed and accurate reading. 

Astrology reports can include a natal report, which is based on characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses, alongside a compatibility report which delves into the attachments formed between two people. The astrology report may be complemented with a forecast report, which studies the position of the planets today and how this could be impacting your current life and your future. If you’d like your own astrology report conducted by one of our trusted psychic readers, you can have a telephone psychic reading or an online psychic reading with us by following this link. 

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