About Psychic Sofa

We are a family run business with over 25 years of delivering accurate readings over the telephone.

We provide one of the best and cheapest psychic reading services in the UK, offering you a vast choice of Clairvoyants, Mediums, Tarot readers, Angel card readers, Masters of Numerology and Crystal Ball Oracles.

We believe that our clients have a right to expect a service which gives them clarity and is provided by only the best psychics with proven ability. Our psychic's only aim is to provide you with accurate guidance, delivered in a caring and professional manner to help you get to the root of your concerns.

What Makes Psychic Sofa Worthwhile?

We know that speaking to a reader, medium or clairvoyant can seem daunting, even overwhelming, so all of our psychics are calming, friendly and there to advise you.
We have a wider collection of psychics than any other UK provider, ensuring you’ll find the one that’s right for you.
We thoroughly vet any and all potential readers before allowing them to join our network. They must be passionate about giving their clients quality, trustworthy readings and abide by our company values of customer duty and care.
We offer a 'No Quibble Money Back Guarantee', providing you with a full refund in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with our service.
Along with a dedicated UK call centre that handles customer service, we also have a manned message service, which is available 24/7.
Our telephone readings are priced most competitively for the UK market, providing the greatest value for money out there.
We also offer exclusive rates for loyal customers, appreciating their repeat business and need for support.
We’re always on the lookout for new, accomplished and reliable psychics, Tarot readers and mediums, expanding our talent pool and giving our customers a greater variety of choice.
Most importantly, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction and will do our utmost to provide this for all of our clientele.

Whether you require career advice, would like an astrological report or want help finding love and maintaining your relationship, don’t wait until it’s too late. Discover how our readers can help you by visiting our readers’ profiles, reading their wonderful testimonials and speaking to them through a method that you feel comfortable with, whether that’s on the phone, through text or email.

Our Mission

You may have come to our website unsure about whether you even believe in psychics, spirits and the unknown. You may be wondering what psychic readings involve, what you can gain from them and their accuracy rate? At Psychic Sofa, we truly believe that spiritual readings can help our clients see situations in a new light, allowing them to understand the different options available to them and determine where each path may lead. It’s only human nature to make rash decisions without considering the consequences, or spend years not reaching your potential due to fear of failure or ridicule. By patiently listening to your questions and offering guidance based on intuition and specialist skill sets, our psychics, whether they are clairvoyants, mediums, Masters of Numerology, Crystal Ball Oracles, Tarot readers or Angel card readers, can help you find the answers you've been searching for your whole life, which we believe is imperative for spiritual growth, happiness and future success.

Our mission, therefore is simple: To provide each and every one of our clients with a reading that leaves them feeling understood and uplifted. To empower each of you to look at your life, relationships, finances and career from a different, yet positive perspective. To inform you of how certain behaviour patterns could be helping, and some hindering, your chances of happiness and gaining everything you’ve ever dreamed of. To provide closure from those no longer with us, through mediums who can channel your loved ones’ spirit and communicate through them, allowing you both to finally move on.

If you’re still unsure, then our readers’ fantastic reviews speak for themselves. We are never surprised by the positive feedback our network receives, citing their accuracy, ability and the differences they make to our clients’ lives. Our readers are truly the best in the business, so it’s no wonder we’ve grown into the largest source of spiritualists in Europe. We will always work to the high standard that we have set for the industry, with client value at the heart of everything we do.

We specialise in

Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings are a great way to discover information about yourself and the opportunities that may be available to you in the future. Picking up on spiritual connections, as well as delving into your past and present, our readers can help guide you down the path you need to achieve your goals.

Our psychics include; Tarot card readers, who use a spread of cards to help their clients make more informed life choices; Clairvoyants who channel information about a person, object, location or event; Mediums who might bring forward messages from spirits; and Angel card readers who access the energies of angelic beings who want love and protection for the client.

Whether you call, text or email, your reader is there to listen, inform and guide you. Psychic phone readings are by far our most popular choice and you can expect a service that’s just as good as being there with the reader themself!

Love Advice

In a world of hopeless romance and idealistic relationships, we all wonder who and where our soulmates are and if we will ever get married. Especially if you’ve been single for a while, you may start to believe you will never find true love, or that you are unworthy. A psychic love reading can provide insight into past relationships, give you courage to move forward and suggest where to look for new love, as well as give insight into your current relationship.


Spirits are all around us and they say we’re never far from our loved ones when they pass. Therefore, a medium can act as a ‘middleman’ between you and the spirit world, and during your reading, you may be given messages. This is quite normal and we often get feedback from elated customers telling us they have been given information only a loved one could have possibly known. Even though we can’t guarantee the spirit’s messages will come through, your reader can pass along anything they receive from the spirit world and try to explain the messages.

Clairvoyant Readings

Our clairvoyant readers use their third eye, as well as insight from the spirit world, to describe people, locations, images or objects that relate to you during your reading. This can help to confirm events that have happened to you in your past and present, allowing you to deal with them and consider how they could have an impact on your future. These readings can give you the confidence to continue with your current path, or make substantial changes to follow a new one.

Our clairvoyants have various skills, including clairsentience (clear feeling), clairaudience (clear hearing) and claircognizance (clear knowing) and they utilize these skills for your benefit. They can guide you in your love life, give you a horoscope or career reading, or interpret your dreams, among other facets.

Tarot Readings

The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards, made up of the 22 Major Arcana cards that represent life’s karmic and spiritual energy, and 56 Minor Arcana cards that symbolise the struggles of daily life. It’s been said that every one of life’s spiritual lessons can be found on these cards, and when we have a Tarot reading, we’re shown the lessons we need to learn at that moment in time to live a fulfilling life.

Tarot Readings are useful for self-development, determining goals and making choices based on the results of the reading. Whether you want to start a new business, find new love, discover inner happiness or decide whether relocation is right for you, you can find out how to achieve these goals and more, with the help of our superb readers.

Cheap Psychic Readings

We believe that everyone should benefit from the guidance of our psychics, regardless of whether they can afford expensive phone bills or not. Our cheaper psychic readings allow you to experience a range of insights, positive affirmations and reader types at a competitive rate, ensuring you find the one that’s right for you.

Ways To Interact With Our Psychics

Our intuitive and insightful team of Psychics, Mediums, Clairvoyants and Tarot Readers are available 24/7. You can reach them via the phone, through text or email, and you can rely on them to provide you with a trustworthy reading that can help guide you in your path to happiness.

Our Wallet Bundle

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The most flexible way to contact our psychics is by purchasing a wallet bundle, where calls can cost as little as 73p per minute. Your wallet is your very own account where you store purchased minutes, so rather than having to pay for a new reading each time you call, you simply use the minutes stored in your wallet. You'll be given a pin number to access your minutes with, so each time you need some enlightenment, all you need to do is ring, select your wallet, enter your pin and you'll be connected right away to your chosen reader. Each bundle offers an additional 10% minutes free, and with an easy to use top up service, there's no better way to get the guidance you need.

Try Our Wallet Bundle

How does a psychic telephone reading work we hear you ask? Well, that's dependent on the reader, and what you're looking to find out. As you may know, readings are made possible through a person's energies and vibrations, that our readers can expertly tap into. This includes your voice's vibrations, as well as the use of crystals, Tarot cards and runes to amplify their connection to you. A phone reading allows you to carve out your path from the comfort of your own home, and many of our clients comment on the ease of which they found the experience. Your future is only a phone call away.

Give Our Readers A Ring

Our premium rate service puts you in control of your spend as you're billed per minute for the length of the call, and the per minute price of the call will be displayed with all of our premium rate numbers. If you call a premium rate number from your mobile phone be sure to check if your service provider will include, or add, an additional charge. We recommend utilising our short code if mobile is your preferred method of communication because the charge is set, with no additional network charge from your mobile provider. Our short code charges are clearly displayed with all of our numbers.

Don't fancy chatting? In a rush to find answers? Why not try our psychic text service, where all that's required is the text 'SOFA+ your question', as well as your date of birth. You are only billed for the texts you receive from our psychic text readers and this is not a subscription service, so you're totally in control of your spend. Whether you're wondering if new love will be entering your life soon, if you'll get that promotion or if you should relocate to that city you've only ever dreamt of living in, then our text service will answer all these questions, and more. Our psychics respond in a matter of minutes, and as the first message is free, you really have nothing to lose.

Text Our Psychics

We offer a variety of packages ensuring you receive the best possible email reading, which is always personal, specific and beneficial to the recipient. Within 48 hours, we can help you understand more about yourself through an astrological report, guide the next big step in your life's plans by giving you some direction, and provide you with messages from loved ones who are no longer with us. Our psychics are dedicated to providing any and all answers to the questions you have, and ensure their responses are always as clear and advice-driven as possible.

Receive An Email Reading

Whether you opt for a phone, email or text psychic reading, we provide a service that is like no other in the industry. From career advice, family connections, relocation and your love life, our readers ensure an experience that will keep you coming back for more. You can pay for our services through your phone bill, as well as via credit and debit card. Our competitive rates provide the best value for money out there, especially considering the esteem that our readers are held at by not only us, but by their clients. The reading is always worth the investment.

Our credit card line allows you to call and purchase minutes up front, and if you find you're enjoying your call so much that you want to extend the call to find out more, then this is a great option that we provide.

This superb service provides our ever-growing community with advice on everything from relationship troubles and the meaning of their dreams to interpreting signs that seem that they are more than just coincidences. Each week, we feature a real caller's question or issue, because we know how comforting it can be to share issues that we all go through, and provide answers that can help us all. We encourage you to share your own concerns, which are kept completely anonymous, so that we can all learn, and grow, together. A problem shared is a problem halved after all.

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Our network of professional and supportive psychics are available 24/7, 365 days of the year, so if you're looking for some specialist insight into your life, then we encourage you to get in touch today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does psychic energy come from?

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We believe that everyone has psychic energy within them, but that psychics have a special talent in interpreting a client's energy, aura and therefore, future. This psychic energy is the source of your thoughts, visualisations and emotions and a reader will use the energy you radiate during your reading to provide you with the answers to your questions.

Just because you may not physically be in the same room as our readers, it doesn't mean that our psychics can't read your psychic energy. In fact, many find that without the distraction of facial expressions and surrounding noise, that this energy is much easier to read.

Psychic readings are a way to better understand yourself and to discover what choices may be available to you in the future. Picking up on spiritual connections, as well as delving into your past and present, our readers can help guide you down the path you need to achieve your goals. From our clairvoyants, Crystal Ball Oracles and Tarot readers to our Angel card readers and Masters of Numerology, we offer a wide range of psychics here at Psychic Sofa.

Our psychics can answer a range of questions concerning love, life and the universe, such as:

  • Will I ever find true love?
  • Does my current relationship have a future?
  • Will staying in my current job lead to a better career?
  • Am I making the right decision?
  • Does someone in spirit have a message for me?
  • What do the stars have in store for me?
  • Do the Tarot cards think I should now move house?

We aim to give you a reading that inspires, uplifts and informs.

To prepare for a reading, we always tell our clients to call from somewhere quiet and comfortable, without the distractions of others, as well as the TV, radio or loud music. This ensures that both you and your reader can concentrate, providing you with the best possible experience.

We also recommend making yourself a nice hot (or cold!) drink and doing some meditation to help calm and relax yourself before your psychic experience.

We encourage clients to take notes during their reading so that they have time to reflect on everything they've just discovered afterwards. Think about the information that has just been exchanged and what this could potentially mean to, and for, you. If there were parts that were vague or didn't make much sense, then be patient, as there's a good chance that it'll all become clear soon.

There is no limit to the amount of psychic readings we recommend, because we understand that you may need advice and support all hours of the day. Our psychics are available 24/7, 365 days of the year, meaning they can guide you no matter the time, day, or number of readings you feel you need.

We believe that everyone has psychic energy within them, but that psychics have a special talent in interpreting a client's energy, aura and therefore, future. This psychic energy is the source of your thoughts, visualisations and emotions and a reader will use the energy you radiate during your reading to provide you with the answers to your questions.

Just because you may not physically be in the same room as our readers, it doesn't mean that our psychics can't read your psychic energy. In fact, many find that without the distraction of facial expressions and surrounding noise, that this energy is much easier to read.

As a psychic can help you to learn more about yourself, including traits and qualities you may not have even known you possessed, they can arm you with the tools and confidence you need to win over the love of your life. Also helping to identify what traits are important to you in a lover, they can discuss the traits that complement your own and the type of partner that would best serve you as your other half. Dependent on the reader, this may be based on astrology (the star signs that work together), clairvoyancy or Tarot cards.

You can reach our selection of psychics, clairvoyants, mediums, Tarot readers, Angel card readers, Masters of Numerology and Crystal Ball Oracles by phone, text or email, and they are always happy to help you on your life's journey.

Customer care is our priority, so in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with our credit card phone service, we provide a full money back guarantee, provided you end your reading within 5 minutes of the call starting. For premium rate, text and email readings, it is not company policy to offer refunds. However, should you wish to raise any issues with our customer service team, you are more than welcome to call us on 0161 607 3013 or email us at enquiries@psychicsofa.com and we will do our utmost to make things right.
You can find our full refund policy here.

  • Whether you’re looking for love, facing a difficult decision and wondering what path to take or wanting to seek messages from spirit, then our readers can provide you with the support and guidance you need to make positive steps in the right direction, and perhaps find closure on a situation that’s been bothering you!
  • To maintain our prestige, we only work with the best readers out there, who are compassionate, adept and truly skilled in their psychic abilities.
  • From our refund policy to our competitively-priced telephone readings, we offer the greatest value for money out there, always aiming for 100% customer satisfaction.

What happens at a psychic reading?

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Regardless of the psychic reading you have, you will be provided with in-depth answers to the questions you ask, and guidance on how you can better achieve your goals. Based on what you'd like to achieve, our readers will help you to look at your life and consider how certain actions could help you reach those goals, creating a future that you can be happy with and proud of.

why choose psychic sofa image of tarot cards

Why Choose Psychic Sofa?

There are many great reasons to choose Psychic Sofa for telephone psychic readings and online psychics readings, and these reasons include:

Our psychic readers include everyone from mediums, clairvoyants and Tarot Card readers through to Angel Card readers, horoscope readers and numerology readers. We believe in choice here at Psychic Sofa, and therefore provide you with an extensive network of psychic readers for you to choose from.
You can reach our psychic readers via the phone, through text or email - with telephone psychic readings being our most popular option. Our Wallet Bundle is another popular choice, allowing you to store purchased minutes and use them each time you have psychic phone readings - for example. Each bundle offers an additional 10% minutes free, and with an easy to use top up service, there's no better way to get the spiritual guidance you require.
In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with our service, we offer a ‘No Quibble Money Back Guarantee’, providing you with a full refund. All you have to do is end the telephone psychic reading within the first 5 minutes and contact our office on 0161 607 3013 within 48 hours of your call. We can then either offer you a reading with a different reader or a full refund.
We also offer exclusive rates for loyal customers, because we know they truly value the psychic gifts that online psychic readings and telephone psychic readings can provide. There’s no such thing as too much guidance, and our clairvoyants, Tarot Card readers, Angel Card readers and horoscope readers are always happy to offer it.
We truly care about our psychic readers and clients - ensuring that both feel comfortable with our services. Not only are we priced competitively ensuring our clients get the best value for money out there, but we only provide trusted psychic readings that can inspire and give hope. We want you to see our psychics as people that you can confide in, so that your honesty will bring forward happiness and strength.

Our psychic readings are professional... uplifting... and affordable.

So why not give us a try today? Our online psychics know you want to.

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