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Psychic Sofa only allow the best psychic readers to work with us. Here we take a look at the rigorous Psychic Sofa recruitment process.

The Best, Most Professional Psychics

People can be very dubious about phone psychic readings, and the quality of the psychic readers who are hired to provide them. We often get questions about our recruitment process, and how we decide which readers we allow to join our team. Understandably, people want to know they get what they are paying for. We don’t want our customers to worry unnecessarily; though we do our best to answer questions over the phone, by email, and on our Facebook page, we thought it would be helpful to give a more detailed insight into how we choose our readers.

Here at Psychic Sofa, we only hire the best. We love and respect our customers, and we are dedicated to making sure they have the highest quality, most insightful psychic readings possible. We want our customers’ experience to be comfortable, relaxed, and rewarding; it is our aim for them to finish their reading feeling positive, empowered, and ready to move forward in their lives with confidence. We believe only the most experienced, professional, friendly, and compassionate psychic readers can provide this service, and our mission is to find them. We are a close knit, family run company with over 25 years’ worth of experience providing psychic readings, and so we know exactly what we are looking for, and what we refuse to accept.

Our Recruitment Process

The first step in the process of applying to become a reader for Psychic Sofa is to fill in an application form on our recruitment website. This website gives prospective readers information on the benefits of working with us, and what is expected of them in return. Once they have filled in the form, this then goes to our dedicated recruitment team.

We get a large number of enquiries from psychics every single day, and it is the job of our recruitment team to investigate each of these enquiries. Once an application form comes in, one of our team will take responsibility for that person and their enquiry, and will then begin the rigorous process of testing their abilities, and deciding whether or not to allow them to advance to the next stage. The process is as follows;

1. Our recruiter will call the prospective reader for a friendly, informal chat; this gives them both the chance to get to know each other, and for us to find out what psychic abilities the reader has, and their experience giving readings in person and over the phone. Many people believe they have psychic abilities but don’t have any experience giving readings, neither professionally or just for fun. We would recommend to anybody with psychic abilities to practice and enhance these skills, and gain some experience giving readings (enlist the help of family and friends!) before applying.

2. If this call is a success, the reader will then be booked in for a test psychic reading. This reading has many purposes; it not only tests the psychic abilities of the reader, it also evaluates their telephone manner, professionalism, friendliness, and their empathy and compassion when discussing the personal life of their customer. It also ensures that any cold readers are discovered and rejected; our recruiters give the readers minimum to no information about themselves, meaning the reader must rely on their abilities.

3. There are strict guidelines the recruiter follows to ensure that the reader meets our high standards, and only if they tick every box do they advance to the next stage. If a reader unfortunately doesn’t meet our requirements, we will give them feedback on how they can improve, and invite them to apply again in future, providing we believe they have potential after gaining experience and confidence.

4. In the event that the reader has met our high standards and we are happy for them to join our team, we will invite them to an intense training session, to ensure that they know exactly how our company and readings work, and the guidelines they need to follow. We are strictly governed by Phonepayplus, and all our readers much adhere to their code of practice. This is to ensure that we are fair to our customers and offer them an upfront, honest service.

5. Once the reader has completed the training, they will then be asked to submit a reader profile for our website, answering questions about themselves and their experience, to enable our customers to get to know more about them, and to decide whether they wish to have a reading. All reader profiles are proofread and approved by our staff to ensure they give our customers honest information about our readers and their abilities, and what they can expect in the event that they call.

Ongoing Support

Once the reader’s profile is approved and published, they can start to offer their services through our website. Our involvement doesn’t end there, however; all of our calls are recorded and monitored, to ensure that they are the highest quality, and that our readers are keeping to our guidelines. All calls are handled with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality, and are only listened to in the case that there is a disagreement or misunderstanding between the two parties.

We also apply the five minute rule; the customer and the reader will have five minutes at the beginning of the call to ensure they are able to connect to one another. It is important that there is a strong connection between the reader and the customer, so that each enjoy the call and get the most out of their time; if a reader feels they cannot connect, they will advise the customer of this, and end the reading. Our readers want to do their best to help and guide our customers, and so if they don’t feel a connection, they won’t just simply carry on the reading and hope for the best; they want the customer to have the best experience they can, and get what they paid for. In the event that this happens, the customer will be able to call our customer care team to arrange a refund, or to use their time with another reader; we will always be happy to offer advice or recommend a reader who we believe will be well suited to fit your needs.

We hope that this gives a little insight into how our company works, and how seriously we take the recruitment of our readers; we don’t just allow anybody claiming to have psychic abilities to join our team. If you are a customer who has more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our website, or get in touch on our facebook page. If you are a psychic interested in applying to work with us, please visit our recruitment page for more information on all of the fantastic benefits.


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