Do thoughts really create reality?

Quantum Physics explained - How does it actually work?

If you have not heard of the term “Quantum Physics” it is basically the study of building blocks for the universe and life itself. It goes by the theory that the thoughts we put out to the universe echo back like a Frisbee. Scientifically, these laws have not yet been accepted and although there is no actual proof as such, people’s life stories and documentaries such as “The Secret” along with famous philosophers and speakers, Louise Hays and Cheryl Richardson all promote positive affirmations and thinking and many know this as “The Law of Abundance”.  

Although it may be hard for many of us to accept that there is no actual evidence for quantum physics we can hopefully take much comfort in other peoples’ experiences and just like Carl Sagan, American astronomer and author said 'extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.' Some things are difficult to prove because they require more belief, the more we believe, the more we bring it to light so that others can see for themselves – this then encourages further investigation and research.
Many people that partake in positive affirmations, cosmic ordering or karmic laws have noticed very good results and experiments are often set up in order to prove that our thoughts create reality.  General observations including patterns, cycles, people you meet and your general success and wellbeing as an individual are all proof of positive thinking.
However, it can be very hard to come by, especially if you are a sensitive person. Overly sensitive people are more likely to be distracted as well, distorting the individual’s judgment along with their perception of objects and events. [1]A study by Niedenthal and Setterlund (1994), showed that individuals are tuned to perceive things that are congruent with their current mood. Negative moods, mostly low-intense, can control how humans perceive emotion-congruent objects and events so it is important that we become completely aware of our moods before we partake in any law affirming activity, because if our intentions are not crystal clear then it is very unlikely that we will get what we are desiring for.

What Quantum Physics actually does is state the act of observation. In other words, we can change the way we look at things by observing the influence and then thinking about how we would like the situation to change, as observation influences behaviour patterns.
But how does it actually work?

If we think of our thoughts as frequencies then we can change the way in which we deliver our thoughts as frequencies to the universe.
Quantum Jumping uses an example to help us understand by using Hertz. [2]So, if a note has a frequency of 400 hertz, the note an octave below it will have a frequency of 200 hertz, and by the same measurement, the unit above it will have a frequency of 800 hertz.
If you choose to go up the octave and double the frequency you will soon be unable to hear the sound as the human ear is not designed to hear above 20,000 frequencies per second. The range of hearing for a healthy young person is from 20 hertz to 20,000. As one grows older the hearing deteriorates and a middle aged person will hear only frequencies below 12,000 per second.

So when we look at the frequencies that the brain sends out we see that the attitude of the individual is the determining factor in setting the hertz value, and therefore the octave of the thought. A person can speak or sing in different octaves and people all have a different tone or speaking voice. The same stands for musical vibrations, so it is with all physical vibrations, and so it is with mental vibrations as well.

We basically identify a person by the frequencies they export not necessarily realising that’s one of the means of identification. What is not commonly realised is that people think in different frequencies and octaves as well. For example, a reserved person thinks under silent conditions and therefore has a frequency level that encourages perhaps more of the same thing.  Also, when you are miserable or upset, even confused about your own reality it is also likely that you are not operating with the correct frequency of life!
If we look at everything in the universe it works, it drives, it moves, it lives! Everything in the universe is constituted by energy and we see it in its natural form. So it is not made of energy, it is energy! But energy can be mysterious, and energy can sometimes come to us as if out of nowhere. For example, we don’t always know why we feel a certain drive or inclination, we don’t even question it most of the time, but instead, just accept that it is there.

So Quantum Physics goes by the theory that everything is a building block and that we ourselves transfer and transmute different types of energy to each other that more often than not works on a karmic level. These can vibrate with a range of different frequencies. For example – Light energy, gas energy, electrical energy, emotional energy, environmental energy, even our faith and internal belief system is an energy! 

We are all energies. Therefore everything in the universe is all part of something greater than we could possibly imagine, something that goes beyond. Therefore, a tiny thought is so powerful, it really can stretch for miles, so if you think negatively you also receive negatively. Think positively and it’s all yours!
Happy thoughts!

With love and light x x x x



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