10 things to give up to be happier

New Year's resolutions rarely last - here are a few simple ideas to changing your negative routines in 2017

Lose negative influences and bad habits for a brighter year


You might think the start of the year is for making resolutions to try something new or to do things differently. But what about the behaviours you already have that are not doing you any favours? Before you rush to make new resolutions, you should clear out the bad habits first. Free yourself from pressures and negative influences so you can have a happier year ahead. Think of them as your new year de-resolutions!


Say goodbye to:


1) Being a perfectionist

While being a perfectionist at work might win you points with your boss, it's not so great in your personal life. If you are always striving for perfection with your appearance, relationships, home environment or hobbies, you're likely to be a very stressed out person! Life isn't perfect, it's messy. So don't pressure yourself to be perfect.


2) A critical romantic partner

You want support, respect, kindness and romance from your partner. While occasional constructive advice is welcome, what you don't want is a partner who tells you you're not good enough or constantly criticises you. If this sounds familiar, the emotional abuse will eat away at your self esteem. So get out of this relationship - fast.


3) Pretending you're always happy

Nobody is always happy. Life comes with ups and downs. But some people feel the need to pretend everything is alright all of the time. There's no need to pretend. If you're feeling sad, confide in a close relative or friend. You'll feel better for sharing the burden.


4) People you've outgrown

You know those people whom you've known since your school days? They grew up with you and you were close as children. But now they've taken a different path and you don't have much in common anymore. Don't be afraid to cut ties with people that no longer add any value to your life simply out of nostalgia.


5) Avoiding certain foods

Everything in moderation should be your mantra. Denying yourself one food will likely lead to craving it even more. Cutting out carbs is bad for your long-term health, and never eating chocolate or ice-cream is unrealistic. So cut down, rather than cut out foods that are unhealthy, such as sugary food or snacks.


6) Resisting change

Things change. From people to relationships to places to jobs, everything is constantly changing. So don't fight against it. Accepting positive, even uncomfortable change, will help you thrive.



7) Comparing yourself to others

Stop doing this and see how much happier you feel. You waste so much mental energy feeling envious of other people's good fortune that you don't create you own good fortune. Let go of wanting what others have and start making a life that you want.


8) Living in the past

Don't do it! Release past disappointments, anger and hurts. Holding negativity in your heart harms nobody but yourself. It's corrosive to you. So stop dwelling on the things that have gone wrong. Learn from them but move forwards. Your time is now, so seize its opportunities.


9) Pretend friends

If you have zillions of pretend friends on social media, such as Facebook, consider cutting down your friends list to those with whom you have a real world connection. Don't get drawn into other people's online drama, and don't follow people on social media sites because you are envious of their lifestyles. Pictures do lie! Get out there and create your own brilliant lifestyle instead.


10) Following the crowd

If you are easily influenced by those around you, make this the year you stop letting other people think for you. Make your own choices. Go against the crowd. Listen to the advice of those who have your best interests at heart. But as for the rest - who cares? You be the trendsetter, you find what makes you happy.


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