Healing with Colour A Beginners Guide to Colour Therapy

An insight into the practice of Colour Therapy. How colours relate to the Chakras, their meaning and use in holistic treatment.

Our life is surrounded by colour. From the moment we wake to the second the sleep, our senses are delighted by its presence, both consciously and subconsciously. But have you ever stopped to think about why we see in colour, or even the effect it might have on us? Just think about it for a second.

Seeing red... the green eyed monster... white as a ghost... these phrases weren’t just created out of the blue (sorry, I had to). Colour influences us on a much deeper level than we may be aware of. It influences our mood, emotions, and even our language. Colour has become one of the most symbolic tools at our disposal. But we’ve only just started to scrape the surface of its power and potential!

As many of you are aware, colour is simply light and energy. Colour becomes visible to us because of its ability to reflect, bend and retract itself through different things, which produces a variety of different wavelengths that can be categorised into different types of light. We have the visible spectrum, which you and I can see, but also the non-visible spectrum, such as gamma, ultraviolet and x-ray. Mankind has since learnt to harness the great power of the non-visible spectrums and understand the ways in which it affects us, so what about visible light?

One of the most common uses of colour -visible light- is seen in marketing. We all know that red is associated with the sales, green means vitality and health, and purple is the colour of wisdom and spirituality...and sometimes chocolate. Another typical example of how light, and therefore colour, can affect us is the mild form of depression known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This is when people may feel mildly depressed in winter simply because there is less sunlight. A treatment for SAD is light therapy, where people are exposed to light in order to help alleviate the symptoms of ‘winter blues’. These few examples illustrate how colour can directly affect our mood, health patterns and even our levels of consciousness, simply by influencing our energy system by tapping into our own vibrational frequency.

What is Colour Therapy?

Colour therapy (also known as light therapy) is a form of holistic healing that helps to balance the vibrational frequencies within our body -which are directly linked to our psychical and mental health- by utilising the power of the visible spectrum. This is achieved by harnessing each colour’s specific frequency and vibration to prompt certain responses within our body, such as the activation of hormones which influence our mood and healing processes. You see, colour is created through a combination of any two given colours which then creates a complimentary third. Our bodies are naturally attuned to this balance and thus seek the corresponding colours frequency to maintain this harmony. Colour therapy seeks to heal the body by discovering which colour frequency it is lacking.

Your Body and Colour

The seven colours of the rainbow correspond directly to certain energy centres in our bodies, known as chakras. Each chakra is governed by its own particular colour and this energy expands from within ourselves to the world beyond us, our aura. Our chakras influence our behaviour, perspective and attitudes, as well as each other. It is through vibrational/colour remedies that we can help realign these centres and help them amplify themselves correctly. Likewise, colour therapy will influence our aura. No two auras are the same, much like a finger print. By understanding your own aura you can help understand your own being, spiritual health and emotional state, and also understand when you have a vibrational imbalance.  


Below you will find a list of the seven different colours and shades, their power and how we can harness their energy to bring forth their healing qualities.


Colours and Their Qualities 


The cooling colour which relates to the crown chakra, located at the top of our head, violet helps to boost our own spiritual awareness as well as our knowledge. Use violet if you seek a heightened level of consciousness and connection to the spiritual plane. In order to help us achieve this level, violet helps to calm and sooth our soul. Violet is an excellent colour to use when you need to de-stress and relax. Always make sure to use violet in your meditation space.


Indigo relates to our brow chakra, located in the centre of our forehead and linked to our third eye. This is the colour of intuition, to a ‘higher’ level of thinking and judgement which can help calm and guide our third eye towards truth. Embrace this colour when creating a balanced environment and if you seek quiet contemplation.


Blue Colour Therapy

The colour of the throat chakra, blue is the colour of self expression, spiritual truth and purpose. This is the colour to turn to when you need help asserting yourself and your message; all while calming your spirit and levelling out other stronger frequencies within your domain. Communicate with the power of the blue light.


Associated with the heart chakra, green is the colour of unconditional love and harmony. Turn to green when you seek to balance your chakras and bring harmony into your life. Green also promotes mental wellbeing and reduces stress. There’s more than one reason why being out in greeny nature helps to calm the mind...


The warming colour yellow relates to our solar plexus chakra, located beneath our ribs. Yellow is all about perception; how we see ourselves, others and the world around us. Use yellow when you seek to boost your personality, confidence and wit. This is the colour of happiness and warmth, and thus has a stimulating and energising affect on its surroundings. 


Orange Colour Therapy

Based in our lower abdomen, orange is the colour that radiates from our sacral chakra. From here this colour regulates our feelings of self worth, respect and openness. But most importantly, it relates to our bountiful creativity. Nourish your senses with the colour orange if you wish to work on your social skills, bring fun to the environment around you and if you need an energy boost! Orange is the colour of the sun; it warms up our lives, if you learn to incorporate it correctly.


Relating to the base chakra located at the foot of the spine, use a warming red light in order to stimulate and energise. This is a great colour to call upon when you are feeling lethargic or in need of a boost to your circulation. Turn to red when you are in need of courage and strength, or if you want a little spontaneity brought into your life. However take note that red can also enrage your spirit and cause domineering and aggressive behaviour. Avoid if you seek calm.     


The colour (technically a tone) of perfect balance and harmony, white is the colour that represents inner perfection, spiritual awakening and Divine light. White resonates with every chakra as it is present in every colour. Use white to purify each of your chakras and balance your being.


A protective shade, black can help calm and ground our emotions, especially during turbulent times. But even more so black can help to ward off evil as well as negative emotions. However, black is rarely used by itself. Pair black with other colours to promote its attributes, but especially pair it with white; the polarising effect of the two will help balance your chakras and realign your energy.


Now that you know the basics, why not try to colourise your life and work with the power of colourful vibration. Have any hints and tips you wish to share? Leave a comment and let us know!


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