Are we following the right career path?

Some very interesting things to consider when thinking about your future

It can be a difficult story when it comes to following your true career path. At school we may have had a hard time deciding what we wanted to gravitate towards and even in our late twenties we can still seem very unsure. This is because life is about gradual change as there is not always a set plan. But because there is not always a set plan it can become every easy for us to fall in to traps that seem impossible to escape from.
If you are finding it hard to stick to your job and have only been there six months then the chances are you will have already tried and tested a number of different jobs which are perhaps varied in terms of skills and abilities and you still don’t feel satisfied. You may have oodles of qualification but still feel as if you aren’t being true to who you really are.
But who are you? And how do you know when you have found your true calling? What many people describe as their true calling isn’t necessarily seeing their perfect job advertised in the newspaper but rather an epiphany where they feel they must strive towards a deeper meaning. This seems to be the key starting point for most people who have made it. They start to both sense and believe that their dreams are not unattainable.
Of course, it’s not always convenient for us to just pack up and leave our mundane work routines, especially when we have to consider the practicalities such as debts, parenting, bills and housing. But what can’t stand in our way however is our core dreams and aspirations.
One of the steps forwards with our desired career goal is to first of all believe that we are capable of absolutely anything! But where most people go wrong seems to stem from the feelings of frustration that they cling to. They become so frustrated with their lives that they search every newspaper, call every agency and file every possible on line application without really knowing what it is they are searching for.
What we must remember is that the reason we are so frustrated is because we know we are on the wrong path, but we need to measure things carefully before taking the right action or we could find that we are pushing ourselves straight back down the path that we originally came from. Being 100% clear about our intentions is essential in finding the right career path. It may not even be a career path that we choose to take however, it could be charity work, travelling or a new course to give us an all rounded sense of perspective e and fulfilment.
We may conclude after so much search and seeking that the reason we are in such a quest is because we need autonomy which can count for so many different things such as freelance work, two part time jobs, studying to set up a business or becoming deeply involved in the more spiritual aspects of life.
If we are searching for something grounding however then we may need to consider our professional working life in more detail, as we may no longer enjoy what we are doing, yet we understand and appreciate the need to feel safe and secure, there may well be something which we need to let go of.
For example:
Are you tired of team work? Why not consider a partnership?
Are you sick of being dictated too? Consider a new company or setting up your own business?
Are you feeling underpaid? Is there anyway you can enhance your skills?
Do you want to expand your business? Are you lacking research and contacts? Have you considered different methods of advertising? Adding something new to your business or taking on new, fresh ideas?
Of course nothing happens over night, but it is our thoughts that will lead us to greater things. It may be very difficult at first to follow your true path in life and before you start your journey you may need to accept a more limited income or make do with new faces and new routines that you find hard to comply with at first. But remember that taking risks is sometimes the smartest thing you could do and only you know in your heart whether or not you are doing the right thing, with nothing ventured then nothing can be gained.
Writing a list of all the things you see yourself doing in the future no matter how big or small can be a great way to justify what it is you are really seeking.
For example:

I see myself travelling more and becoming more independent – think about what sort of job you are looking to take on here, are you simply wanting to work abroad? If so look on line or gather information from an adviser about your options. If you want to move a business abroad because you feel it would be more lucrative for you then you can absolutely make it happen, just do the research and consider the balance of personal and business relationships. Once this is done, you can build upon making an important decision.
I see myself as a teacher rather than a student -Perhaps you are full of wasted facts and figures but have no qualifications. If this is the case, it wont take long for you to do teacher training, depending upon the subject. Teaching doesn’t necessarily have to take place in the classroom either, you could become a personal trainer, study NLP or start of as support teacher in an institution.
I feel I am a natural leader but am unsure of how to gain recognition -Natural leaders become very frustrated in environments where they feel they are being dictated to. You know that you are in the wrong job when you become irascible over miniscule things. You may even resent your boss for barking fairly reasonable orders. Your strong need for independence is telling you to research a little deeper. If you want to lead then what is it? Management? The arts? Data control? The list is endless – just remember that a strong leadership personality has the ability to push themselves to the absolute max and they wont take no for an answer! Go for it! Believe!
I feel quite happy in a 9-5 job but feel as if my abilities have been overlooked – if so, ask for training? Take an evening course or speak your truth to someone. Sometimes just speaking your truth can go a long way and you will be respected for it. Sometimes our abilities and skills have been over looked because we seem comfortable and happy on the surface. Confronting such matters will allow you to rise above menial tasks and push you further ahead to reach your full potential!

Happy searching!

With love and light  x x x x x x


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