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Our 2024 New Year Star Sign Predictions

Psychic Sofa’s New Year star sign predictions include valuable insights into what the upcoming year has in store for you. Read more about this here. ...

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10 Crystals For Prosperity

Prosperity is something everyone wants, yet it can prove frustratingly elusive! Of course the route to prosperity is through hard work, perseverance and determination. But there's also an extra element involved in achieving prosperity. It's called luck! ...

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6 Habits Sabotaging Your Career Success!

Are you sabotaging your own success at work? It's easy to slip into bad workplace habits that will diminish your chances of shooting up the career ladder. In fact, you probably don't even notice having these little habits. ...

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21 Affirmations to improve your life

Imagine improving almost every aspect of your life just by saying a simple phrase. Well, the good news is you can do just that by using positive affirmations. ...

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Unproductive Habits You Need To Quit

These negative habits usually impact on your efficiency, productivity and ability to move forward in life. Because these habits also keep you in your comfort zone, it can sometimes be difficult to identify the cause of your problems. ...

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9 Signs You Need to Raise your Spiritual Vibration

Everyone has spiritual energy. It's the spark of life within you that is more than your physical or mental self - it's your connection to the divine and to the world around you. ...

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Common Body Language Mistakes That Create The Wrong Impression

When you’re meeting someone in the flesh for the first time, body language and creating a positive first impression are the two most important factors to consider. ...

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The True Gift Of Failure

For most of our childhood, teen and young adult years we consider not making the grade, or not being quite up to scratch, as some form of major failure. We strive to beat off our competitors and to succeed at everything. ...

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Why Getting What You Want May Not Be Good For You

We’ve all longed and yearned for something (or someone) that we convinced ourselves was right for us. ...

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Take back your Power

It's easy to become empowered because it's your natural state. All you need is to be honest with yourself and to take action to make a change. Learn how to take back your personal power. ...

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Switch for Success

Life is a series of changing situations. While there are plenty of joys and pleasures to be experienced, there will inevitably also be setbacks. The trick is to learn how to navigate these obstacles successfully. ...

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Find Your Passion

After a lovely long weekend, does the thought of returning to your nine - five job fill you with dread? It doesn't have to be that way. Passion is not just something connected to romance, passion should permeate every aspect of your life. ...

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