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Common Psychic Terminology Explained!

Struggling to understand some of the words and terminology used by Psyhics? We exaplain the meaning of commonly used psychic medium terminology. ...

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Do you believe in Fairies?

You feel a strange sensation, either peacefulness or a surge of energy. The reason for this feeling? You could be sensing the presence of fairy folk! ...

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Spiritual Sleep

Every night you embark upon a magical journey, taking you deep inside your unconscious mind. This journey is called sleep and it's essential for healing and repairing your body, as well as processing your emotions. ...

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Dreams of the Dead

Dreams link your mind to your subconscious as desires or fears are played out in your sleep state. What does it mean if a deceased loved one appears in your dream? ...

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Native Spiritual Life In Canada

The indigenous people of Canada historically originated in all of the nation’s provinces. Although each aboriginal culture has its own unique religious customs and traditions, most Canadian natives share spiritual beliefs. ...

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Can you Lucid Dream?

A look at the different techniques to help you teach yourself to lucid dream ...

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Magic Herbs and Spices

A look at the different uses for herbs and spices, and the magical properties they hold! ...

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Signs From Our Spirit Guides

A look at how our spirit guides give us signs, and how we can contact them to get the answers we are looking for. ...

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The Characters In Our Dreams

Every person who appears in our dreams brings an important message from our subconscious. ...

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Spring Clean Your Life This March Equinox

Spring is here and now is the time to contemplate our lives, to see what is going right, and what is in need of a fresh, new start ...

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Follow Your Dreams...

Living in the moment is the key to achieving your goals ...

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