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12 Magical Flowers To Transform Your Home

You can see fields and gardens full of flowers in full bloom and glowing with bright colour, at this time of year. The delicate petals attached to each slender stem flutter with an array of dazzling shades from bold red, soft pink, soothing white and more ...

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Aeromancy For Beginners

Have you ever spent time lying on your back in the garden, or a park, lazily watching the fluffy white clouds float on by? Aeromancy, or cloud spotting as the pastime is otherwise known, is the observation of cloud formation in the sky. ...

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Get In Tune With Nature To Enhance Your Spirituality

Your environment can reduce or increase the amount of stress that impacts on your life. Everything that you feel, see, hear, sense and touch outside of your own personal physical space effects your mind, body and spirit. ...

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7 Ways to a Spiritual Spring

You can use the inspiration and power of this fresh-start season to clean and clear out areas of your life, making room for new energy to propel you forward to greater successes. ...

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How To Enjoy The Best January Ever

To avoid falling into a winter slump, there are many things that you can do to boost your enjoyment of the start of a new year. ...

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Discover the folklore of Mabon

The Welsh god, Mabon, has been adopted as a figurehead for the autumn equinox celebrations by modern Pagans. With ancient roots, he is the son of the great mother goddess. ...

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11 Magical Flowers

It's summertime so when you take a walk outdoors you'll see a gorgeous eruption of colour as tiny blooms burst into flower in meadows and gardens ...

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5 Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice is a magical day. It's a time when the power of the Sun is at its most potent, brimming with fiery energy. Best of all, you can tap into this revitalizing energy. ...

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The Spiritual Meaning Of Flowers

The infinite beautiful flowers that bloom in nature are abundant with spiritual meaning. Flowers are far more than fresh and fragrant decorative embellishments for your home, or for giving as a gift or peace offering. ...

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Magical Scents

Your sense of smell is a truly magical sense with the potent power to make you feel as if you are experiencing those pleasant memories once again. Aromatic scents have the power to heal, soothe and help you tap into your spirituality. ...

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5 Reasons To Unplug From Life And To Reconnect With Nature

Getting fresh air and connecting with nature is something that most people are far too busy to do on a regular basis. Hectic modern lifestyles often encroach on the enjoyment of the simple pleasures of nature. ...

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The Health Benefits Of Maple Sap

There are around 150 species of Maple distributed throughout the Northern hemispheres’ Temperate Forest Zone, with two-thirds populating Eastern Asia. Ten of these maple species are native to Canada. ...

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