12 Magical Flowers To Transform Your Home

You can see fields and gardens full of flowers in full bloom and glowing with bright colour, at this time of year. The delicate petals attached to each slender stem flutter with an array of dazzling shades from bold red, soft pink, soothing white and more

Magical flowers can improve your home and how you feel inside it

Beautiful blooms to bring magical good fortune into your life

 You can see fields and gardens full of flowers in full bloom and glowing with bright colour, at this time of year. The delicate petals attached to each slender stem flutter with an array of dazzling shades from bold red, soft pink, soothing white, fiery orange or revitalising yellow. But did you know that there are magical flowers?

Pagans have always recognised the value of these beautiful blooms for healing and for magic spells. In Pagan times, wise women used knowledge passed down from generation to generation to heal with plants and flowers. As well as to offer magical charms for good fortune. The wisdom of these old ways was never quite erased, so with the resurgence of modern Wicca, flower-lore and the magical properties of flowers are being a revived. See which blooms you can use!

Explore the magical properties of flowers below.

1. Angelica

A long-stemmed herb that blooms with multiple clusters of tiny white flowers. This flower is a powerful protector against all types of negative energy. Sprinkle it around your home to create a barrier against negativity or bad intentions. Drop a couple of flowers into a bath to remove negativity from yourself. Drop a flower into each of your shoes, just before you put them on, to walk with positivity every step of your way!

2. Bluebell

The violet-coloured bell-shaped petals of this wildflower are threaded through with magical lore. Said to grow only in the most ancient woodlands, they are flowers sacred to elemental spirits, especially fairies. Flowers of truth, whoever wears a bluebell will only speak honestly. Also, put them under your pillow to drive away nightmares.

3. Buttercup

The silky bright yellow petals of this staple of the English countryside were once used at the feast of Beltane to bring abundance in the coming months with the harvest. Sprinkle buttercup petals at home to ward off evil. Also said to make the wearer invisible to evil.

4. Carnation

Woven into ceremonial crowns by the ancient Greeks, these are flowers of potent power. So they will enhance your intentions during spiritual or magical practice. Said to spark creativity and inspiration they are talismans for anyone working in creative industries. Sprinkle petals into a bath for a spark of inspiration.

5. Camomile

Used as a herbal tea to calm and sooth, the white flowers with their large yellow centres work the same way at an energetic level. So place camomile flowers around your home to infuse it with a gentle calming energy. Carry camomile flowers in your pocket to diffuse tension if you need to have a difficult conversation with someone.

6. Daffodil

The sunny yellow of this bloom is one of the first signs of spring. So naturally its energy is of all things happy and uplifting. Use this flower to bring optimism, luck, love and fertility into your life.

7. Dandelion

The fiery yellow-orange of this beautifully shaped bloom has layers of petals which resemble a lion's mane. Known as an oracle flower, the dandelion is used for prophecy and predictions. So use it to enhance divination spells and also for communicating with loved ones who have passed into spirit. You can use dandelions to strengthen wishes, too.

8. Daisy

Typical flower of the British countryside, daisies have always been associated with innocent love. Place near children and babies for blessings on the child. Daisies signify purity and loyalty. They also draw good luck to the wearer and will bring a pure love to you.

9. Foxglove

The dual energy of this eye-catching flower is signified by its physical properties which can either harm or help. In the correct dose it can heal but too much will kill. So don't touch this flower! But a foxglove growing in a quiet corner of your garden can bring you insight and open up new ideas in your mind.

10. Hawthorn

The pretty white flowers of the hawthorn sparkle with fairy magic! A symbol of rebirth, fertility, love and life itself, it is a sacred flower. Carry a sprig around for success in all areas of life: home, love, friendships and work.

11. Mandrake

Attractive purple flowers decorate this highly potent plant. The roots of a mandrake can look very oddly like a human form, which has meant it's always been associated with magic. It has hallucinogenic properties and can be poisonous, so don't touch it! But its energy will bring you wealth, fertility, and chase away evil influences.

12. Iris

A distinctive purple and yellow flower that is sacred to the rainbow goddess, Iris. This flower purifies the places where it grows and the spaces it is put as a cut flower. It brings the energy of wisdom and courage. It is a reminder that all things will live again through reincarnation.


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