5 Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice is a magical day. It's a time when the power of the Sun is at its most potent, brimming with fiery energy. Best of all, you can tap into this revitalizing energy.

Experience the magic of the longest day of the year


The Summer Solstice is a magical day. It's a time when the power of the Sun is at its most potent, brimming with fiery energy. Best of all, you can tap into this revitalizing energy. In the northern hemisphere, including Canada, the Solstice falls on June 21st this year. Called the festival of Litha in modern Wicca, the Summer Solstice is a fire festival with ancient roots. To the Celtic Pagans and other ancient Pagan people this day was a time of transformation, when the power of the Sun could rejuvenate lives and bring new beginnings. Here's how you can introduce a little Solstice magic into your life.


1) Energize Yourself

The Solstice is a time to fire yourself up with Sun energy. Bonfires are a traditional way of celebrating this fire festival. The fire represents the power of the Sun which is cleansing and transformative. Tap into this revitalising energy by having your own midsummer's eve bonfire party. Gather together loved ones and share a meal outdoors around a bonfire. The act of gathering together with the intention of being joyful is an energising spiritual act honouring the power of the Sun for this festival.

Alternatively, you could harness revitalising fire energy on a smaller scale with a candle ritual. Choose a fiery colour candle, such as red, yellow or orange. Light the flame on the eve of the Solstice. This flame represents the power of the Solstice Sun inside your home. Set aside 15 minutes for the ritual. Look into the flame. Watch it flicker and dance. Think of three wishes you would like fulfilled this year. Make them realistic and positive. For example, to become more confident, to try for a promotion at work or to learn a new skill. Say, 'As I honour the power of the Solstice Sun, may my wishes come true before next Solstice.' Allow yourself to relax as you watch the flickering Solstice flame and visualise your wishes coming true.


2) Revitalize Romance

The balmy days of midsummer are the perfect setting for romance. In Pagan times, midsummer was a popular day to marry, which usually took the form of hand-fasting ceremonies. Apart from the glorious weather, this was probably because this is a fortuitous time of year for romance as the Goddess is at her most fertile, just like the land around her which is blooming with flowers and abundant with herbs. So perhaps you could tap into this energy by renewing your wedding vows, or by making a private but informal commitment to your partner on midsummer?

If you're looking for romance, this would be an auspicious day to set up a first date in the hope it might bloom into something special.

You could even pucker up under the mistletoe! Although this white-berried plant is most often associated with Yule, the early Pagans used it in midsummer rituals as a symbol of fertility and good fortune.


3) Ignite future plans

The rays of the midsummer sun can infuse you with the energy to change your life for the better. Take a walk in nature (being careful not to burn your skin) and feel the warmth of the Sun recharging and invigorating you. Feel yourself connected to the Earth and to all the creatures, people and nature around you.


What do you want to achieve over the next few months?

What plans have I already set into motion?

What plans could I potentially build into greater things?

What can I do today to bring me a step closer to my goals?


4) Midsummer Altar

Creating a midsummer altar is a good seasonal way to tap into Summer Solstice energy. Choose a small space, such as a shelf, part of a tabletop or a covered space outdoors. Gather together meaningful objects. These should represent your good intentions for the months ahead. Perhaps choose images of loved ones, cuttings from magazine articles and small ornaments. At this time of year, it's good to use the flowers and herbs which are in bloom. Add bay leaves on your altar to enhance your intentions, choose mint to protect your home from negativity, pick rosemary for protection and healing, and basil to encourage new opportunities into your life.


5) Clear out old energy

Summer Solstice is a time for letting new, refreshing energy into your life. But to let the new in, you have to let the old out. So clear out anything that is not serving your best interests any longer. This could mean having a house de-clutter, clearing out unwanted items and donating them to charity. Or it might mean re-thinking your career or even personal relationships. Are you happy in your job/relationships? If not, why not? And what can you do to change this? One very simple tip for allowing Solstice energy into your home is to open the windows upstairs and downstairs in your house for half an hour every morning. This releases the stagnant chi which has built up overnight, and allows revitalizing energy inside.



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