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How to Raise Your Vibration for Manifestation

In the pursuit of spiritual growth and manifestation, understanding your vibration is key. Your vibration is the energy you emit, which affects what you attract into your life. ...

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Get In Tune With Nature To Enhance Your Spirituality

Your environment can reduce or increase the amount of stress that impacts on your life. Everything that you feel, see, hear, sense and touch outside of your own personal physical space effects your mind, body and spirit. ...

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Common Psychic Terminology Explained!

Struggling to understand some of the words and terminology used by Psyhics? We exaplain the meaning of commonly used psychic medium terminology. ...

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10 Ways To Beat Winter Blues

When it's cold outside, hiding away under the bed covers can see like the best option. Although it's fine to have a duvet day every now and then, it's essential to keep your energy levels up during the winter months. ...

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5 Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice is a magical day. It's a time when the power of the Sun is at its most potent, brimming with fiery energy. Best of all, you can tap into this revitalizing energy. ...

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The Spiritual Meaning Of Flowers

The infinite beautiful flowers that bloom in nature are abundant with spiritual meaning. Flowers are far more than fresh and fragrant decorative embellishments for your home, or for giving as a gift or peace offering. ...

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Unproductive Habits You Need To Quit

These negative habits usually impact on your efficiency, productivity and ability to move forward in life. Because these habits also keep you in your comfort zone, it can sometimes be difficult to identify the cause of your problems. ...

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9 Signs You Need to Raise your Spiritual Vibration

Everyone has spiritual energy. It's the spark of life within you that is more than your physical or mental self - it's your connection to the divine and to the world around you. ...

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Simple Ways To Stop Over Thinking

Over thinking, particularly about the negative stuff, can make you stressed and can also impact on your health and wellbeing. ...

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New You Detox

The principles for detoxification are fairly straightforward. To achieve a cleansed, healthy body with minimal stress and maximum benefits, it’s essential to focus on a diet of clean, fresh, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables. ...

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Change your life!

As you wake up to the beginning of the year, you're probably wondering how you can change and improve your life in the coming year. January is a month for transformation and opportunity in all areas of life. ...

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Super Easy Energy Protection Tricks

Empaths, intuitives and highly sensitive people often have a hard time of protecting their energy. When you can easily sense the energy and emotions of others, and quickly absorb the vibe in your environment, protecting yourself energetically is important ...

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