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11 Ways To Spot A Liar

Sometimes a little white lie can spare hurt feelings and smooth over awkward situations. But when lies are used to deceive you on important issues the damage can be devastating. ...

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9 Signs You Need to Raise your Spiritual Vibration

Everyone has spiritual energy. It's the spark of life within you that is more than your physical or mental self - it's your connection to the divine and to the world around you. ...

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Common Body Language Mistakes That Create The Wrong Impression

When you’re meeting someone in the flesh for the first time, body language and creating a positive first impression are the two most important factors to consider. ...

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Change your life!

As you wake up to the beginning of the year, you're probably wondering how you can change and improve your life in the coming year. January is a month for transformation and opportunity in all areas of life. ...

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You are Beautiful!

With the rise of social media, images of physical perfection have busted out of their traditional home of glossy magazines and advertisements. ...

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Can you Lucid Dream?

A look at the different techniques to help you teach yourself to lucid dream ...

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Banish Bad Thoughts

A look at how to rid yourself of bad thoughts and think positively ...

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Be a Social Butterfly

Different personality types and how to deal with them ...

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Holistic Healing

A look at the benefits of holistic healing on our body and soul. ...

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