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7 Strange Superstitions

Are you superstitious? Most people do have at least one or two little rituals for encouraging good luck and warding off bad luck. For example, do you say 'bless you' when somebody sneezes? ...

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Aeromancy For Beginners

Have you ever spent time lying on your back in the garden, or a park, lazily watching the fluffy white clouds float on by? Aeromancy, or cloud spotting as the pastime is otherwise known, is the observation of cloud formation in the sky. ...

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Common Psychic Terminology Explained!

Struggling to understand some of the words and terminology used by Psyhics? We exaplain the meaning of commonly used psychic medium terminology. ...

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Star Symbols

Have you ever wished upon a star? These blazing celestial balls of light inspire wonder as they shine brightly in the clear night sky. ...

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Fables of the British Isles

Everyone loves an entertaining tale - and traditional folklore stories are some of the best. British fables are rich with echoes of the country's Pagan past, from a time when monsters, fairies and ancient gods roamed the land. ...

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What's your number?

Do you keep noticing the same set of numbers on your digital devices, on signs or in print? If the same numbers keep cropping up on your radar, it's no coincidence! ...

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11 Magical Flowers

It's summertime so when you take a walk outdoors you'll see a gorgeous eruption of colour as tiny blooms burst into flower in meadows and gardens ...

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5 Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice is a magical day. It's a time when the power of the Sun is at its most potent, brimming with fiery energy. Best of all, you can tap into this revitalizing energy. ...

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Do you believe in Fairies?

You feel a strange sensation, either peacefulness or a surge of energy. The reason for this feeling? You could be sensing the presence of fairy folk! ...

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Horses of Mythology

From the Wild West to medieval battlefields to modern racetracks the horse has galloped alongside its human companions through many stages of evolution. ...

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Ghost Stories

With its long, dark nights and deathly cold temperatures, winter is the traditional time for telling a chillingly spooky story. ...

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Fun Ways To Instantly See Law of Attraction In Action

There is a vast amount of information about the Law Of Attraction out there. This Universal law focuses on the vibration of energy that creates the attraction factor, and manifests something that has a matching resonating vibration. ...

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