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7 Things You Didn't Know About The Summer Solstice

Summer is reaching its sizzling heights with the arrival of the Summer Solstice. This Midsummer festival has likely been celebrated since the dawn of civilisation - and it's still going strong! ...

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7 Strange Superstitions

Are you superstitious? Most people do have at least one or two little rituals for encouraging good luck and warding off bad luck. For example, do you say 'bless you' when somebody sneezes? ...

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How To Create More Luck In Your Life

How you view luck can have a positive or negative impact on your personal experiences. Research has shown that people who consider themselves to be lucky possess certain traits and characteristics that enhance their lucky opportunities. ...

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10 Most Haunted Pubs in Britain!

Are you fascinated by the paranormal? Because visiting your local pub might offer you the opportunity to see the sort of spirits that don't come in a bottle. Ghosts! ...

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Paranormal Hotspots

The planet is brimming with mysterious places where supernatural activity appears to be concentrated. It's as if the landscape of these places was like a magnet for all kinds of paranormal events. ...

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Do you believe in Fairies?

You feel a strange sensation, either peacefulness or a surge of energy. The reason for this feeling? You could be sensing the presence of fairy folk! ...

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6 Wizards of the World

Magical powers of the wizard have captured imaginations since the dawn of time - and the digital age is no exception. ...

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Ghost Stories

With its long, dark nights and deathly cold temperatures, winter is the traditional time for telling a chillingly spooky story. ...

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Spine-Chilling Spooky Spots To Visit in Canada

If you’re a thrill seeker who gets excited at the prospect of supernatural encounters there are plenty of haunted gothic hotspots to chill you to the bone. ...

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Holding out for a Hero?

If world events are making you feel helpless and hopeless, switch off the news and find something constructive to occupy your mind. You could start by checking out these mythological heroes and heroines. ...

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Paranormal Canada

Hidden within the spectacular scenery of Canada's towering mountains, numerous deep, blue lakes and dark, mysterious forests lurk myths and legends of fantastical beasts. ...

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Spooks & Spectres

Tales of ghostly apparitions hold a fascination for many people. A spooky story has the power to capture your imagination and give you a sleepless night! ...

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