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Horses of Mythology

From the Wild West to medieval battlefields to modern racetracks the horse has galloped alongside its human companions through many stages of evolution. ...

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Native Spiritual Life In Canada

The indigenous people of Canada historically originated in all of the nation’s provinces. Although each aboriginal culture has its own unique religious customs and traditions, most Canadian natives share spiritual beliefs. ...

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Are you an Indigo Adult?

If you are a spiritual person, who is sensitive to psychic phenomena and have strong feelings of empathy for others, you may be an Indigo adult. The Indigos were children born with the desire to change the world for the betterment of humanity. ...

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Is your pet psychic?

Do you ever wonder what your pet is really thinking? What message are those big brown eyes and adorably twitching ears trying to convey to you? ...

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Paranormal Canada

Hidden within the spectacular scenery of Canada's towering mountains, numerous deep, blue lakes and dark, mysterious forests lurk myths and legends of fantastical beasts. ...

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Celebrate the Year of the Wooden Horse

2014 is the Year of the Wooden Horse. Here we look at the characteristics of those born in the Year of the Horse, and what is to come this year. ...

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Find Your Power Animal

According to Shamanic tradition, everyone has a power animal. A protector and guide, this animal symbolises your character strengths and points to the qualities you need to develop. ...

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Animal Magic

A look back in time on the worship of animals, and their relevance in our lives today. ...

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Do you have a psychic bond with your pet?

Some information about the sensitivity and connectivity of humans and animals ...

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