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Native Spiritual Life In Canada

The indigenous people of Canada historically originated in all of the nation’s provinces. Although each aboriginal culture has its own unique religious customs and traditions, most Canadian natives share spiritual beliefs. ...

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Do you Believe in Ghosts?

Are ghosts real? Are there different types of hauntings? Here we look at the different types of paranormal figures and how they appear. ...

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Signs From Our Spirit Guides

A look at how our spirit guides give us signs, and how we can contact them to get the answers we are looking for. ...

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Celebrate Chinese New Year!

Here we take a look at the history and traditions of the Chinese New Year celebration. ...

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Famous Psychics Throughout History

Learn about psychics who have made their mark on world history ...

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Nurture Your Natural Psychic Abilities

A look at the signs of natural psychic intuition and how to nurture and develop it. ...

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Have You Lived Before?

Exploring reincarnation and past life regression ...

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What is Deja Vu?

A look at the different theories surrounding the phenomenon of Deja Vu. ...

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Why Ghosts Aren't Spooky!

Most spirits aren't spooky spectres trying to make you shudder with fright. The majority of reported spirit contact is with departed loved ones who are seeking to comfort the living. Consulting a medium is the best way to understand your spirit message. ...

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Is there other life? Has there been other life? And does it go on?

Some fascinating information about the possibility of life elsewhere including life after. ...

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The collective consciousness

What goes on behind the scenes of our thinking.. Some interesting information! ...

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What are Orbs?

Some interesting information about Spirit Orbs ...

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