11 Magical Flowers

It's summertime so when you take a walk outdoors you'll see a gorgeous eruption of colour as tiny blooms burst into flower in meadows and gardens

Tap into the spiritual energy of these beautiful blooms


It's summertime so when you take a walk outdoors you'll see a gorgeous eruption of colour as tiny blooms burst into flower in meadows and gardens. Looking like thousands of mystical messages from Mother Nature, flowers have a magical energy which you can tap into.


Flowers have always been meaningful, you give them as a sign of love, friendship or sympathy. You use them to add colour and fragrance to your home. You give them to mark important dates, such as birthdays or anniversaries. As a symbol, flowers speak for you when you cannot find the words.


But these magical blooms each have their own strong energy, too. So when you gift flowers or when you use them in your home, you are passing on the vibrations or the energy of the particular flowers in your bouquet. Bring these flowers into your home or garden to benefit from their positive energy.


Apple blossom

A pretty pink and white bloom that will infuse happiness into your life. If you are feeling down, bring a sprig of apple blossom into your home so its magical energy can lift your spirits and raise your vibration. This delicate blossom symbolises gentle healing and love. If you're lucky enough to have an apple tree in your garden sit under it to benefit from this flower's magic.



An enchanting flower with its blue-violet colour and distinctive bell shape, the bluebell is a most mystical bloom. It's associated with fairies who, according to folklore, are said to be drawn to the bluebell's uplifting energy. Imagine the tinkling laughter of fairies whenever you walk through a bluebell wood because these flowers emit a joyful energy. They are linked to the throat chakra so bluebells in your home will open up clear communication in a gently, loving way between family members.



A popular bouquet flower, this bloom of many colours is pretty but never ostentatious. It symbolises the pure love of a mother: strong, enduring, a life force. Linked to your heart chakra, carnations will clear sadness and open you up to love.



Bright and radiant like the Sun, this wildflower attracts optimism and hope. It's the flower of wishes, so make a wish then blow onto the dandelion seeds, which will transport your hope and dreams far into the universe. Matched with the solar plexus chakra, dandelion energy helps you turn dreams into reality.



Purple-pink flowering heather is the bloom of secret passions. Wear a sprig of heather to find the courage to express what you are hiding within you. These passions are not romantic, though, they link to career and creativity. Is there an unexpressed creative side of you? Could you turn this into a career? Let heather energy help you follow your heart.



One stem blooms with tens of little flowers in a rainbow of shades from pink to white to yellow. Hyacinth energy is forgiveness and compassion. Just as many flowers grow from the same stem, so will compassion and forgiveness multiply from the smallest of gestures. Hyacinth energy gently encourages your to let go of the past and create the life you want to live.



Bursting with petals this flower's energy helps you to recognise the many possibilities open to you. With this flower energy you will see how to respond to whatever life throws your way and to create positive change in your world.



A spiritual flower, lotus symbolises enlightenment. It pushes through the muddy waters of a pond to reach the sunlight so it can bloom. This is a metaphor for enlightenment. Have lotus around you to raise your vibration and to open yourself up to your spiritual side.



A magical flower, elemental spirits such as elves and fairies are drawn to the pansy. Its gentle vibrations remind you that magic and wonder are all around you. The pansy helps connect you to spirituality in the natural world. It links to your crown chakra, opening up your mind to your own spirituality.



A very popular big bloom, this flower draws good fortune and prosperity to you. Have peony in a vase at home to attract blessings, and to remind yourself that what you give out to the world, you will receive back.



A symbol of love and remembrance, this little wildflower was traditionally given to a sweetheart as a sign of affection. In the language of flowers it means 'someone wants to praise you'. Its energy connects to your crown chakra drawing your attention to the spiritual side of life.


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