Nature Articles

Discover Paganism

Where does Paganism come from? Who are Pagans? Many people have various different views. ...

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Spring Clean Your Life This March Equinox

Spring is here and now is the time to contemplate our lives, to see what is going right, and what is in need of a fresh, new start ...

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Lift Your Spirits

Banish winter blues with these tips to keep your mind body and soul feeling healthy ...

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The Tree of Life

Discover how everything in creation is interlinked ...

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How to Meditate

A lot of people believe that they have no time for meditation, but if you find just ten minutes for yourself in the day, you will reap the benefits; meditation is all about quality, not quantity. ...

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Pagan Festivals

Looking at the festivals that celebrate the changing seasons in the Wheel of the Year. The meaning of these feast days and how to celebrate them. ...

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Find Your Power Animal

According to Shamanic tradition, everyone has a power animal. A protector and guide, this animal symbolises your character strengths and points to the qualities you need to develop. ...

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Understanding Weather Lore

July 15th is St. Swithun’s Day. It has been the wish of humans for millennia to be able to accurately predict the weather, and history is full of rhymes and anecdotes when it comes to weather lore. ...

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Find your solstice power

Explaining the spiritual significance of the summer solstice ...

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A Beginner's Guide to being Spiritual

Explaining how to incorporate spirituality into your everyday life. How to start being spiritual. ...

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Animal Magic

A look back in time on the worship of animals, and their relevance in our lives today. ...

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