Magical Scents

Your sense of smell is a truly magical sense with the potent power to make you feel as if you are experiencing those pleasant memories once again. Aromatic scents have the power to heal, soothe and help you tap into your spirituality.

Learning about the spiritual side of aromatic scents


Imagine strolling through a rose garden breathing in the heady perfume of the flowers. Think about the clean herby scent of freshly cut grass, or the comforting aroma of a cup of freshly brewed coffee or a cake baking in the oven. Your sense of smell is a truly magical sense with the potent power to make you feel as if you are experiencing those pleasant memories once again. Aromatic scents have the power to heal, soothe and help you tap into your spirituality.


Natural perfumes have long been linked to the spiritual side of life. Centuries ago people believed that the scent of an object revealed its inner essence, spirit or nature. So saints were associated with uplifting fragrances, such as frankincense and myrrh, while evil spirits or the devil were thought to reek of unpleasant smells, like sulphur. Scents were (and still are) used to purify a interior space, such as the incense burned during church services or the purification of a home. The idea is that burning a pleasant, uplifting scent in a room can cleanse the space from negative energy. In recent years, science has discovered that fragrance has a very real and positive impact on the brain. Depending upon which scent you choose, the aroma can invigorate you, relax you, or put you into a calm frame of mind for spiritual practice, such as meditation.


How to benefit from aromas

You can enjoy the healing benefits of aromatic scents in many ways. It's easy and inexpensive to burn essential oils, or infused candles or incense at home. Just remember to be careful when burning your scent - put it on a heat-proof surface and never leave a flame unattended.


Essential oils

Aromatherapy essential oils are the most intense way to experience healing and spiritual aromas. These oils are the distilled essence of flowers and fruits, which produce a wonderfully powerful aroma when heated in an oil burner. Put a couple of drops into water and heat this mixture over a flame ob an oil burner. Or mix two drops of essential oil with 40 drops of olive, almond or other skin-friendly oil and add to warm bath water. The steam from your bath will be infused with scent.



Easy to use and inexpensive, scented candles are a wonderful way to add an amazing aroma to your home. Choose good quality candles, infused with essential oils, rather than synthetic scents.



A spiritual staple, incense sticks uplift your senses ready for spiritual contemplation or prayer. Burn them in an incense holder and ensure the lit end falls off onto a flame-proof surface, such as a ceramic tile. Experience the scent by sitting a meter or two away from the incense, then close your eyes and try to empty your mind so the only thing you are focusing on is the scent of the incense.



An alternative way of experiencing spiritual scents. Choose a soap infused with natural essential oils and lather up for a full body sensory trip into aromatic scents.


Choose your Scent

Decide how you'd like to feel: calm relaxation or invigorating wakefulness, then choose your scent accordingly.



One of the most universally popular essential oils because of its calming, soothing effects on the mind and body. Linked with the crown chakra because of the pale purple colour of lavender flowers, this scent will help you connect top spirit and find a higher purpose, as well as helping you get a good night's sleep.



The most spiritual of scents, frankincense protects and purifies. It can awaken your spiritual senses by helping you into a meditative state and opening up the crown chakra. Use it to remove any lingering negative influences and to cleanse your mind and spirit. Frankincense can bring you inner peace and healing.



The clean, fresh scent of this citrus fragrance will clear out your mind of clutter and cleanse your spirit of any heaviness. Said to enhance psychic ability, lemon can be burned if you want to make a connection with Spirit.



Attracting the highest spiritual vibrations, this heady scent will deepen your spiritual awareness opening up connections to divine beings, such as your guardian angel. The aroma can promote prophetic dreams and astral travel. A good scent to burn if you are enjoying a romantic evening in with your partner as sandalwood is said to be an aphrodisiac scent.



The beautiful scent of rose is gently soothing for the mind. It's a spiritually healing scent and you should burn it to help fade away any past traumas or fears. Rose helps you feel that you can change situations to the better. It's also an aphrodisiac so burn it when you're in the mood for romance.



The irresistible aroma of this small white flower makes it an aromatherapy favourite. Jasmine is a sacred flower of Hinduism, symbolising purity and good fortune. Linked to the moon and the night, Jasmine is said to induce prophetic or visionary dreams if burned at night.


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