Opening and closing a psychic circle

Some useful information to help guide you on your spiritual and psychic quest

Opening and closing a psychic circle should be a special process that you yourself trust and secure within your own environment. If you have been working as a psychic for a long time, then choosing to open a circle can not only help you to expand upon your own skills and knowledge but also gives those that are interested an opportunity to connect with their own gifts.
Psychic work shop meetings are also a good idea and can take up to two-three hours to prepare so it is easy to see why plenty of time is needed for organisation and general progression. The first part of the psychic circle should be devoted to the general opening where all participants introduce themselves in order to gather a feel for one another. It is the hosts duty to make sure that all our relaxed and at ease.

There should also be some meditation and some psychic exercises such as opening and closing the chakras, this ensures that everyone is programmed in the right way and open and ready to connect with each other, allowing a natural connection with the higher realms. The second part of the opening is about gentle introduction where one or two participants step forwards and volunteer a reading between the two. There may even be some simple warming exercises for the group circle as a whole, so that no one feels awkward. For example, linking in with what the person next to you is feeling and vice versa.
As levels of confidence begin to adjust partners will be swapped and will either be selected randomly or out of one another’s choice working in an anti clockwise format so that everyone gets a turn.
Another great exercise is called “the blindfold”. This is where one person is blindfolded and then placed in front of a complete stranger, they are then asked to sit quietly and read the vibrations and energies that surround them where they are often gobsmacked by their own accuracy!
Usually what begins to take place soon after is some stand up mediumship, where the circle will all stand and one participant opens up a mediumship display expressing what they are feeling and seeing, giving out names they might get, the standing circle will sit down one by one if the information doesn’t apply to them, but one person should be left standing up with whom the information does apply to. This is a fantastic exercise for those who are beginners.

If you are thinking about holding a psychic circle or psychic workshop this can be a great way to promote your skills and talents, as people are likely to want to come back and see you! It’s also a super way to form lots of good connections and contacts. Presentation is always important when considering any psychic event as people are receptive to atmospheres, they take them away with them and remember them. If your surroundings are set well, people will begin to feel warm and welcome.
There should always be a table placed in the centre with surrounding chairs – one chair for each member of the group. There should also be some psychic enhancing objects around the table, such as crystals, pendulums, cards, including any business cards or freebies you want to project. There could also be some candles, oil burners and incense, remembering that beautiful scents draw people in on a variety of different levels.
Another good idea is to create your own affirmations and print them on to cards so that there is an opening speech ready for the participants.
The affirmation speech can be very simple such as:
“In the name of this psychic circle we wish everyone as much love and light as possible. And in the interest of the development and the divine power we invoke we ask for our guardian angels to protect us and enhance our senses to the very best of our psychic abilities. We also ask for any guidance and good faith with the general belief that our ceremony will benefit the universe as a whole”.

It is good idea to have a speech like this prepared just before beginning the circle and when you choose to close the circle simply repeat:
“We thank each other for coming together, and we thank our guides, may we go away renewed, refreshed and revitalised. Blessed be”.
After the circle has closed ensure that you take part in some gentle breathing exercises, simple yoga steps with some relaxation or healing music. You may even wish to design your own guided meditation so that everyone feels very clear about why they have come to the circle. There could even be some paper handy for people to write their thoughts down.
Just remember that the teacher always directs the members gently and softly allowing them to relax each muscle in their mind and body. People need to go away feeling positive and at peace with not just themselves but the universe!
This is what makes successful circles because positive vibrations are addictive! Everyone can benefit and have some fun!
With love and light x x x x x x x x


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