The Universe is Speaking to You!

A look at synchronicity and what it means.

What is synchronicity? 

Do you find that life is sometimes full of strange coincidences? For instance, are you always noticing numbers on the clock as double digits, such as 1.11, 5.05 or 3.33; or perhaps your eyes fix on a line of text that seems to answer a problem you've been puzzling over? Maybe a person you've been thinking about suddenly re-appears in your life? Strange coincidences sometimes occur but have you ever considered that these events might be meaningful?

Psychologist Carl Jung championed the idea of synchronicity, which is the term used to describe 'meaningful coincidences'. Jung thought that the occurrence of synchronicities proved there was a guiding force to life. Mainstream science says that life is made up of cause and effect events as well as random events. But this theory does not leave much room for spirituality. So Jung's theory was revolutionary because it suggested the existence of a divine force capable of shaping humanity.
Jung developed the idea of One World, believing that all living beings originated from a unified reality, meaning that everything on earth is linked, not separate. For Jung, synchronicities were about the spiritual awakening that comes from realising that everything on earth is unified.
What does synchronicity mean for you?
In spiritual terms, synchronicity is the universe giving you a sign. This may be a sign about a specific course of action, for example whether buying a particular house would be the best option for you. Or it may be a general sign, such as the double digits on a clock, which could signify that you are becoming more open to spirituality and your soul is awakening.
Once you start noticing and become receptive to these meaningful coincidences you'll find that they occur more and more. It's as if, by acknowledging the existence of synchronicities, you are accepting a divine force into your life. You may find that once you start listening to these messages, a series of positive events manifest in your life. It's as if the universe is just waiting for you to tune in. By thinking about the meaning of your synchronicity, you are opening yourself up to transformation. By recognising synchronicities you are accepting the spiritual side of your existence.
The purpose of many synchronicities is to guide and advise you. But other synchronicities may appear to teach you a life lesson. Synchronicities are usually small signs and symbols to help you. But if a life lesson is involved, the path you are pointed towards may not be an easy one but the purpose is always for the advancement of your soul.

Spotting Synchronicities

How to identify a message from the universe:
If you are frequently seeing the same number in a variety of different places, such as in books, on screen or on road signs - pay attention! What could this number mean to you? Look up its meaning in numerology to see if this has any relevance to your life. Or could it be linked to a decision you are about to make?

Frequently seeing double digits on clocks is a gateway synchronicity, indicating you are ready delve deeper into your personal spirituality. Read up on the aspect of spirituality that interests you.

The natural world is rich with symbols so synchronicities often manifest this way. If you keep seeing a particular animal, tree, or flower, research the qualities attributed to this animal or plant to see if there's a message for you. Obviously seeing numerous dogs in a park is not a synchronicity - it's just a place people walk their dogs! Suspend your disbelief but also use your common sense when deciding what constitutes a synchronicity.
Occasionally hearing a buzzing sound in one ear can be a synchronicity. Think of it as the spirit world's way of saying: 'stop!' or 'look!' If you experience this take a moment to stop what you are doing and think about why the universe might be trying to communicate with you at this moment.
Written words or images
If you are deliberating about a problem you're trying to solve, keep your mind and your eyes open to everything around you as the universe might be trying to give you the solution. This often manifests through seeing a line of text in a book or magazine, or through an image on TV or an advertising board. For instance, supposing you are just about to send an irate email to somebody who has upset you when you pause and glance at a magazine article beside you on the desk. Your eyes fix on a line of text that reads, 'Matters of great stress must be approached with a Zen-like calm.' This is a synchronicity advising you against sending the angry email!
If you find yourself seeing signs that remind you of a particular friend or relative, this may be the universe guiding you to get in touch. Make sure your intentions for getting back in contact with somebody are for that person's highest good.


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