The use of positive words and affirmations

How words can enlighten us on our spiritual journey

Many of us may not think about words that often but taking time to think about the words we choose to express ourselves with can have a profound impact on the way we think and feel. For example hearing words like joy, love and laughter can undoubtedly heal inner wounds and negative thinking patterns.
Using certain words or even feeling certain words and their true meaning can also help us to achieve our goals in life. For example, author, Melody Beattue expressed the following:
 "Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life, it turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity.... It turns problems into gifts, failures into success, the unexpected into perfect timing, and mistakes into important events. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow."
Some days it may be very hard to stay motivated so adding spiritual words to our dictionary can be truly helpful, even if just a few words, spiritual encouragement can go a long way and can also help to keep us on the path that we intended. We may even wish to learn new words that make us feel powerful or inspired. Reading words of encouragement may also help us to see beyond our own problems and instead pour light over them. Once we have accomplished self discovery we are well on our way to helping those around us.
[1]Interestingly, experiments have suggested that words do indeed affect the way in which we go about our daily routines. For example, one experiment that was conducted was intended to find out whether words really do have a psychological effect on people's moods. Therefore two groups of people were bought together. The first group were given a puzzle that had words like "calm" and “polite”, the second group were given a puzzle that had words like "anger" and "rude" while the third group were given a puzzle that had neutral words. Right after solving the puzzle they were all asked to leave to another room and on their way they found someone who kept interrupting them and forcing them to wait for a long time. The first group of people who were exposed to the rude words were found to respond more aggressively to the person who wasted their time!

The second group of people who were exposed to the polite words were more polite to the person who wasted their time while the third group had a neutral response! This clearly proves how sensitive we are to words and how our minds can absorb words so easily, structuring the way we think, act and feel. In turn, we can perhaps begin to see how beneficial it can be to fill our minds up with words that make us feel calm, at ease and in control of our actions, feelings and thoughts. Writing lists of words that we want to hear may well be a good start. We can also plug ourselves into positive affirmations or purchase books that make use of such tranquil words.

Take a look at the following list of words and see how they make you feel as an example:


Now, scan your eyes over the following , take a deep breathe and ask yourself how it made you feel?
At ease
In love

The second list of words will have no doubt made you feel in a much calmer state of mind and if you were already feeling calm you may now begin to feel even more calmer and reassured than what you were before. If you feel that words are a good way of keeping you calm and focussed then why not research and write down words that you know will have a positive impact on your actions.
Why not add these  positive words and affirmations to your new spiritual dictionary and then have some fun and create your own!

Rejoice - to celebrate, to cheer, to express joy and delight
Flourish - to prosper, to grow, to thrive, to bloom
Transform - to change, to renovate, to convert, to leave behind
Invigorate - to refresh, to energise, to strengthen, to stimulate
Cherish - to love, to adore, to take pleasure in, to treasure, to appreciate
Purify - to cleanse, to filter, to freshen
Relax - to loosen up, to let go, to calm, to unwind, to settle
Visualise - to imagine, to create, to picture, to dream
Clarify - to make clear, to illuminate, to shed light on, to explain
Unite - to join, to come together, to connect, to merge, to marry

Do not rush, but instead allow things to unfold. You can not force doors to open. Think of a flower that gently opens up its petals to the Sun, now you can do the same!

Do not fear change, but instead welcome it in. Sometimes the reason we are stuck in life is because we are holding on too tightly. When you feel stuck, simply repeat: “I gladly welcome change into my life”

Forgive and forget! When you forgive you open up a new door, no one has control over you when you forgive because you are strong enough to let it go! “I spread joy and love and have faith in the light above”.

With love & light x x x 




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