7 Ways To Make Absolutely Anyone Fall In Love With You!

Can't find the right person? Relationships never seem to last? Stop right there because there's no such thing as being 'unlucky in love'. So, no, you're not actually stuck in a crazy loop of bad luck. You're just going about finding love in the wrong way.

How to make someone fall in love with you!


Have you ever thought perhaps you're focusing on the wrong things? You don't need to impress your partner with pots of money, age-defying looks or create a fake persona for yourself. No. Instead, you need to cultivate personal qualities that will attract love and make it last. If you develop the qualities listed below in yourself, you will find you become a supersonic magnet for love! Because all those qualities add up to one very amazing person. So get working on yourself and absolutely anyone fall in love with you. As an added bonus, you can check if a potential lover is right for you by seeing how many of these good-relationship-qualities they have. Find a person who has all these qualities and you've found your soulmate!


1) Love yourself

No, not to boast about how brilliant you are or show off! That would be a major turn off. But to be comfortable in your own skin so you don't feel the need to shout about how great you are. You won't need to because people will see it shining through. Find out who you are and work on getting rid of any negative emotions, feelings, habits and beliefs. Love yourself first, and then others will be able to love you. There's nothing sexier than someone who feels confident in their own skin. So try to relax and go with the flow. Confidence isn't about being loud, getting drunk on a date or trying to sound as though you're in control of everything. It's about accepting yourself and knowing you own damn worth!


2) Be kind

The old saying 'treat them mean to keep them keen' couldn't be more wrong! If you want a fulfilling, lasting relationship, then kindness is the answer. By being kind you'll attract a positive person who has healthy relationship values. See your partner as your friend, not just your lover. Be kind in word and deed. Think before you speak. How would you feel if someone did or said that to you? Go out of your way to perform little kindnesses for your partner. Studies have shown kindness to be one of the most attractive qualities someone seeks in a potential partner! So be generous with your time, spirit and any resources you don't need yourself. Laugh at a bad joke, offer to do a food shop for your elderly neighbour or simply smile at a stranger - you may well make their day!


3) Pay Attention

If you give someone your undivided attention, they'll fall in love with you, no question! Because there's nothing more romantic than feeling you are at the heart of somebody's world. But you can't pretend. You have to show your interest for real. Try switching your phone to silent when you are spending time together. And listen. It's so important to focus on what your partner is saying. Ask questions and engage with your partner fully. You'll win their heart for sure! The best way to show interest is to ask questions, make eye contact and, every so often, try to include reasons why you can relate to the topic. 


4) Remember to laugh

Everyone loves to laugh. So if you can make your potential partner giggle, then you are halfway there to making them fall in love with you. A sense of humour is an essential part of a relationship because if you can laugh together, no matter what life throws at you, you are more likely to stay together. We can't all have six-pack abs, long blonde hair or a Hollywood smile, but we can all make the effort to see the lighter side of life!


5) Be passionate

Passion comes in many forms! Traditionally the term "passion" conjures images of long kisses and steamy sex for the first few months of a relationship. That's all good and well, but that's not the type we mean in this instance. Show passion for the things you love and be animated! Do you love to travel? Talk about your favourite advebture! Do you love the cinema? Discuss your favourite films, actors etc. Showing excitement and passion for the things you truly hold close to your heart is a sure-fire way to get someone to fall in love with you for all the right reasons!


6) Respect

Now this one is important. Show respect. Turn up to a date on time or even a few minutes early. Dress appropriately for the date. Ensure your grooming and personal hygiene are ON POINT! Don't wear a long dress to the cinema, or shorts and a t shirt to a fine dining restaurant. Try to read the other person’s body language as best you can to ensure you're giving enough personal space, but also to subliminally let them know you're keen, if you are. Don’t ever assume a date will end with a sexual encounter or even a kiss. We all move at different speeds dependant on how we feel. 

Respect comes in many forms, so try to be thoughtful about the following:

Don't be too bitchy - if you have nothing nice to say about others they'll pick up on it!

Treat the staff where you are with the same respect you'd like your mother to be treated with!

Don't expect the other person to pick up the tab. Even if they offer, counter it with an offer to go halves or get the next one!


7) Show gratitude

No, not to your partner for agreeing to date you! But show gratitude for all the good things you have in life. There's nothing sexier than someone who is both content and grateful for their lot, so far anyway. Ambition is very sexy but in controlled measures. Don't put someone off by telling them you're only goal in life is to become the next Bill Gates. Talking about your hopes and ambitions for the future can be very attractive to a potential lover, but only as long as you remember to show your gratitude to the Universe for what you already have achieved. 




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