Body Language And How To Know He/She Likes You

Body language and what it can mean to you!

It is always nerve wracking when you meet a potential new boyfriend or girlfriend as you spend most of the time wondering what the other person is thinking and to figure out if they do really like you at all. Interestingly when it comes to a man they are actually pre programmed without them realising to send out physical clues when they are interested in a female, the average male makes around ten moves in order to attract a female. Whereas women can take up to 52 moves to show a man that they are interested in them. If a woman has her torso leaning towards another man this also shows that she is in fact interested.
A person’s body language can tell you an awful lot about a person and whether they are attracted to you or not. Raised eyebrows do signal attraction, it is a universal sign in every culture and each person would do the same. A person’s eyebrows will rise and fall subconsciously, and the other person will do the same and will occasionally smile in return.
The whole thing will only last seconds however, and it would be easy to miss unless one is looking out for it.
A tilted head does symbolise and interest in you, and failing to look at you straight in the eyes displays a lack of confidence.
If a person keeps on nodding then they are just not really listening to you and is just being polite and they are loosing interest in you, therefore you would know that this is just not going to work out.
If a person does really like you then a genuine smile will take up the whole of a persons face this includes their eyes and the smile is usually larger on the right hand side of the face. The face will tell someone emotion even without words, a sign that someone is falling for you is through the smiley, happy face, and a really wide bright smile.
Talking is another good indication especially when it is a man as you will find that he may tend to talk in a low volume, a volume that only that you can really hear and he is inviting you into his personal space this will make the conversation exclusive between the pair of you.
Touching is also a sure sign that someone is interested in you,

A sure sign of someone that is falling for you is the other person really wishes to get to know all about you when they ask about your wants your needs and what inspires you., when this person begins to show that they want the best for you this is a very good sign that they are totally in to you.
You will always know when a relationship is progressing and this is when they cannot wait to introduce you to their friends and family to show you off.
Observe the way the other person looks at you, the person will hold their gaze on you for a long time if they are really interested in and what you are saying to them. A person that is looking away from you or just answering in one syllable answers is just not interested at all, and you would see this quite clearly indeed, at this stage it is fair to assume that this relationship really is not going take off and go anywhere at all.
You will realise how much the person really likes you when they wish to spend lots of time with you and just you, this all a good sign.
When you are observing a persons body language in this scenario and that he is slowly falling for you be mindful of the fact that not ALL people are exactly the same, some of them may have all the same but on the other hand others may only have two or three of the signs. It would be wise to pay attention to the patterns of their behaviour and not too much emphasis on any isolated incident.
To conclude most of all enjoy every minute and let the relationship build, once you establish you like each other things will just run its course. Observing the body language does give you a head start however, as you will then have an insight as to how they feel about you before they even tell you themselves.
Bright Blessings xx


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