Full Moon in Taurus

Information on Taurus Full Moon for 10th November

A Full Moon in Taurus will occur on 10th November and could indeed affect us on a strong, emotional level. Because Taurus is a fixed sign we may feel a little stuck and refrain from making decisions, in particular with finances and relationships. Taurus shares the same planet as Libra -Venus and Venus connects with love, beauty, money and the earth. Taurus is a steady sign and usually likes to take things slowly. So rather than rushing into making big decisions we may want to relax instead and enjoy a beautiful meal or go for a walk. Many of us will want to seek comfort in our own homes, whilst others will want to harmonise their relationships.

Moon in Taurus people are usually earthy and strong willed. They tend to like material comforts and luxurious places. Many have a taste for food and art and like to be in the comfort of their own home. However, they don’t like to be pushed in an emotional sense and it is important that they do things in their own time. If you think about how hard it is to push cow or a bull in a field then you will understand how a Taurean functions – they can be incredibly stubborn! And it can take a long time for them to come round and see other peoples’ perspectives.

The Moon in Taurus type tends to be very romantic in love, steady and stable. They love the outdoors and are always in touch with their senses. They are also very loyal in love and appreciate long term relationships as they like to feel safe and content.
If your Moon or Sun is in Taurus then you will feel the affects of this wonderful Full Moon which is about to take place.

Interested in using the powers of the Full Moon?
Why not try a love prayer or an affirmation? This Full Moon is particularly good for attracting new love or money. ,

Try the following:

Light your candle (Pink /Red for love and Green for money)

Go outside and gaze into the Full Moon’s Powers.

Write down your intention
Fold the piece of paper in half and visualise your desire manifesting
Some people like to burn their idea into the candle flame, whilst others like to sleep with their wish under their pillow. It’s your choice, as long as your intention is clear then the powers of the universe will answer your prayer.
You don’t always have to stay by the side of your candle but always ensure that it is in a safe place and can not catch fire!


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