How to be Loving

How to show and communicate love, both romantic and platonic.

The desire to be loved is part of what makes us human. The quest for love in a romantic relationship has launched a thousand self-help books, as people look for ways to find love. Romantic love can be one of the most fulfilling and spiritual experiences around so the constant search to for love and romance is understandable. An intimate, loving connection between two people can increase happiness levels, helping to bring out the best in yourself as you learn to place another person's wellbeing before your own. But in the rush to find love, the idea of giving love is often overlooked. You can give and receive love in a platonic way which can be equally enlightening as a romantic relationship. Expressing platonic love can make your experience of life much more positive and more enjoyable. So whether you're trying to boost the connection in your relationship or whether you'd like to show a little more platonic love - here's how.

Strengthen your relationship

Top tips for a harmonious home life:

1) Communicate

The connection that binds the best, most healthy relationships is based upon friendship. So always speak to your partner with the respect that you'd give to a friend. Be accepting of your partner and don't attempt to change him/her - remember what attracted you to them in the first place. If you have a difference of opinion, don't criticise, instead raise the issue in a positive way, saying how you suggest a different approach. Shouting and insults will achieve nothing but pain.

*Listen to what your partner is saying; don't dismiss their views because they differ to your own.

2) Compromise

Relationships involve two people with two different personalities so clearly your opinions and ideas will clash some of the time. But it's about how you deal with these differences that will determine the success of your romance. Give and take within your relationship will keep both of you happy.

*Be respectful of your partner's opinions even if you don't agree with them.

*Focus on the positive aspects of your relationship

*Praise your partner when they are kind and generous

*Let your partner know what it is you love about them

*Share household tasks and childcare. Have a discussion about who will do certain tasks so one party doesn't feel as if they have to do it all


3) Time together

When the practical day-to-day realities of life hit home it's easy to lose sight of what first brought you and your partner together. So spending quality time together, away from the demands of your routine is essential to keep the romance flourishing.

*Don't take your partner for-granted. Show your appreciation by planning small surprises like cooking a favourite meal or planning an evening out

*Show affection - a hug and a kiss can help you re-connect

*Have your own interests outside the relationship so you can come back to your partner refreshed with new experiences to share

A Positive Relationship can...

-Lift your spirits

-Make you feel connected to another person

-Be a support for you

-Increase your empathy

-Make you more loving and kind

A Relationship can't or shouldn't...

-Provide you with a sense of self worth

-Be the only focus in your life

-Make you dependant upon another person

-Make you unhappy

How to be loving

How to show platonic love

Love is not synonymous to romance - you can show platonic love for others in plenty of everyday situations.

*Say 'thank you' as often as you can but make sure you say it with meaning and with a smile

*Compliment a friend on something you admire about her/him

*Have a positive attitude towards the people you meet

*Don't judge a person on their appearance

*Remember everyone is of equal importance and deserves to be heard

*People make mistakes so don't judge anyone too harshly

*Offer your help to those in need: however small the gesture, it's the good intent that matters

 *Share what you have with others and expect nothing in return - from food or material items to knowledge and wisdom - spread your wealth.


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