How to keep your love burning

Getting to grips with new love

When new love finally arrives into our lives we can feel so overwhelmed and excited that it can be hard to keep a lid on our emotions. We want to be able to express them in the right way without putting the other person off. Both sexes respond to love differently and there are so many reasons why we love or find ourselves falling head over heels so deeply and intensely. In most situations when love arrives we find that the person that has entered our life holds a special message about our soul, this can be very flattering and quite often we feel nervous and apprehensive accepting the message because we can’t quite believe the compliment that it holds. But acceptance is a huge part of love and if we accept ourselves for who we are then we find that someone comes into our lives to congratulate that inner sense of being.

Romance can sometimes speak in a different language it can make us act in strange ways and express things that we feel we have no control over. It’s so powerful that we sometimes ignore our daily rituals because our feelings of desire have taken over our system entirely. The key to new love is balance and one way of keeping love burning is to become aware of our feelings and be comfortable with them. When we show the one we love how special they are to us we are offering them an acknowledgement of their true inner beauty, we are accepting them unconditionally and forming part of their soul as they allow us into their space and energy.

When we strike up the right chords in a relationship we maintain beautiful harmonies and even if they do go out of tune occasionally something else tends step into place to shake things back into a normal rhythm again, it’s only when we fall out of rhythm with each other that we begin to feel heartache and disappointment, so indeed love is about building up the right level of chemistry as well.

It is usually after the Honeymoon stage in a relationship where people tend to drift a little because they can’t find a way to replace the butterfly magic that was once there before. What we often forget however is that we can still live with snippets of those butterfly moments if we are prepared to put the hard work in. There are many simple things we can do to keep the love burning.

Here are some ideas:


No matter what anyone says everyone loves surprises! Especially when they are personal and feeling orientated. Quite often in relationships we overwhelm ourselves by our own thoughts. We spend hours and days thinking about how amazing we feel and how our partners make us feel, the chemistry and physical side can be so hot that we forget about the soul underneath the skin. It is important to take time out and breathe in the energies of your lover. What makes them tick? What is it about their hobbies that you adore? Or what is it about their personality that makes you smile so much. As old fashioned as it may sound, love letters carry a lot of sentimental meaning and it can feel as precious as receiving a piece of jewellery. This is because someone has taken the energy and the time to put a pen to paper and express themselves to you from the bottom of their heart. A letter can act as a blueprint of the person’s depth of emotion and seeing a part of them in writing can be very compelling indeed. So get writing every now and then, not only will you find it a joyous and liberating experience yourself but you will also be touching your partner and giving them something valuable to keep hold of forever. You might even wish to include a list of all the reasons why your partner means so much to you.

Break routine frequently

When we do the same things together we not only become tried of ourselves but also the other person. We can become agitated and restless and may go out of our way to blame the other person when really we are not being creative enough! It is important to take note of your partners interests and hobbies, making sacrifices where needed. You may not always like the activity you take part in with your partner, but true relationships are about compromising and a willingness to learn about each other. You might even want to try something new together such as climbing or trekking. Taking part in new activities will help to liven things up and will also bring new energies into the relationship helping the both of you to spark things up. You may also come to discover that the two of you work well in a team and develop an inclination to activate your lives together continuously by getting a taste for hobbies you never thought you would attempt. There are so many things you can discover between the pair of you but also within yourself – this is what creates relationship wholeness.

Own up to your mistakes

Many couples do not like to admit defeat when it comes to arguments or disagreements, and many relationships fail due to this arrogance. When you let mind games take over your relationship things will start to fizzle out very quickly because the relationship loses respect. Even if you find it hard to say sorry, give in as best you can and do so. Do not keep your partner in the dark but instead be open. Call them out of the blue just to reassure them that it’s not always them that does the calling. Then naturally as you start to grow together you will find a happy medium with each other. You may even want to send flowers or a card to express any wrongs. Words are not always easy but actions also make up for an awful lot! Go out for dinner, take a walk, or set candlelight in a quiet, intimate space.

With love and light


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