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It can seem like a big step if you have never taken the plunge before and many people ask questions such as 'what if I don't get anything out of it?' Or 'what if I don’t connect with the reader?' Many people assume that 121 readings are a con of some sort or that a 121 psychic reading is just a way of trying to convince you are something you are not.

But the interesting thing about 121 readings is that they offer you the chance to take your money back if you do not agree with the information you have been given. Usually you will find that you connect with the reader in the first 5 minutes of the call for example – this is the time frame you are usually given to decide whether or not you have chosen the correct 121 reader for you. If you decide you have not connected within those minutes then you can request to be put through to someone else so none of your time, money or questions are wasted.

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More about having a 121 Reading

Most people have at least one question that they wish to ask when entering into a 121 reading for the first time. In fact, many people decide to write a list of questions ready so that they are guaranteed to get the most out of their money! You may be nervous receiving information from a powerful psychic reader or you may have even heard some horror stories about fortune tellers or psychics that give online 121 readings but the truth is that you won’t really know what a reading consists of until you live by your own experience. No reader is there to give bad news, that is not what they are about. They are there to help guide you on your unique path of enlightenment. Many of us need insight when we feel that our lives have reached a standstill point.

Standing still can be a frustrating experience as it makes us question our own strength, coordination and ability to move forwards. There is nothing worse than feeling stuck on a cogwheel and many people choose to have readings to set themselves free from pent up feelings of anger and even guilt. Messages that come from spirit have a habit of setting you on to the right path. In most cases callers just need that jolt, that clarification or that tiny bit of information that sets everything straight. There is nothing more relieving than hearing confirmation from an experienced 121 reader who can get right to the core of your concern in as little time as 5 minutes. A true psychic’s goal will always be to inspire you and relax you. Not only can they empathise with you they can also empower you to make the right choices in life providing you with detailed and practical insights.

It is always important to remember however, that you are the one that makes all the decisions in your life, not the psychic, the psychic is there to merely give you valuable information. You may want to know if going back to your ex partner is a good idea for example or if it’s really worth moving house at a particular time. Perhaps you are stuck in a chain? Or perhaps you are tired of being bullied at work.

In whichever case, 121 psychic readings can help to open up a door that you haven’t seen, or inform you about your ex partners intentions, giving detailed information on feelings, surroundings, influences of other people and the final outcome to your dilemma.

Whenever we reach a difficult circumstance in life it can be very difficult to know which direction to take. In the smaller picture we may feel that we have the answer but quite often we are missing some very important details. Therefore 121 readings are there to provide you with the chance to see the bigger picture, the bits that you missed out or are perhaps blind to in someway. So when you want to know what is really going on in your life you can relax, sit back, ask for guidance and experience the soul advice of a 121 reader who is linked into realms that can offer you the answers to some of your most curious questions in life.

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