Love Crystals to Promote Self-Love and Attraction

Crystals can be used to enhance attraction, boost self-love and even help us to find our soul mate. Here's a list of our favourite love crystals!

Our ability to create strong, positive and meaningful relationships is a major factor towards living healthy and happy lives. But as I’m sure many of you are aware, it’s not always easy sailing. Mankind can be a fickle bunch when it comes to emotions, and no emotion runs any higher or beats as strongly as our desire for love. 

There are many different stones and crystals that have historically and metaphysically been associated with different forms of love and intimacy - be it for self love, blossoming relationships, mending a broken heart, attracting a soul mate... the list goes on. Crystals are energy. Just like us they vibrate at their own unique frequency, with each frequency representing and emitting different energies associated with these different kinds of love. And crystals can be of assistance in all of these instances. Interestingly, pink and green In this guide, we will take a look at the best crystals for inviting love and light into your life, how you can learn to accept yourself and even move on from past heartache.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz (Gilles Péris y Saborit - Flickr)                 

Rose quartz is a lovely crystal to work with. And it is especially good to use when you wish to focus on the heart chakra. These crystals have a very gentle energy and have been known to be very soothing when worn over the heart. The gentle nature of this crystal also helps to promote self acceptance and self-love. Through self-love and acceptance our ability to attract love will grow. It is a healing crystal, after all. (Remember, the most important step when it comes to loving others is to learn how to love yourself, first and foremost.)

Put a piece of rose quartz crystal besides your bed or underneath your pillow at night. Doing so is said to make the dreamer have visions and dreams of their future soul mate. Leaving the rose quartz besides your bed will also help your energies to align, again aiding in the practice of self-love.


Beryl (Emerald)

When it comes to matters of love, emerald is the crystal to turn to when you wish for the truth to be revealed. Emerald can be used to help attract love as well as your lover, by allowing you to clearly see what you want in a future lover. No more kissing frogs before the prince with this stone!

Try to carry emerald around with you at all times. If you’re a woman, try wearing a crystal underneath your clothes and close to your heart – on the left hand side preferably. Likewise, if you’re a man wear emerald on the left side of your body, again under clothing. By wearing emerald at all times it will allow your heart to see clearly, and leave you open and ready for love. Some say that wearing emerald will attract your soul mate!



While some love crystals nurture our own self-love, rhodonite is particularly special because it helps to open our hearts to give back love and to love another. As with most loving crystals, rhodonite also helps us to release negative emotions and get us back onto the track of love and commitment.

This crystal is especially good for those who may have been wronged in the past and might have a hard time sharing their emotions and giving out their love to another. Keep this stone close to you at all times so it can absorb your negative viewpoints.


Rhodochrosite (CC James St. John, Flickr)

Rhodochrosite is a brilliant stone to work with the heart. As with the rose quartz, this stone can help heal the heart to move forward from past heartbreak, upset and loss which might be preventing you from creating new emotional bonds. But more importantly, this crystal also promotes and opens your heart up to self-love. When you love yourself deeply, you are more likely to attract others who will love and respect you for who you are. This goes for both men and women.

Meditate with rhodochrosite crystal to help empower your own thoughts and feelings of self worth. Get to know and use this stone often; the more your energy picks up on this crystal, the more open you will become to letting go of past failures and pain, and more open to positive feelings and self respect.


The deep, luxurious green hue of malachite helps to heal and usher away hurtful memories and belief systems that are bringing us down. This is a powerful healing crystal to be used when heartbreak occurs and negative emotions override our beliefs of future happiness. Use this stone to allow your heart to embrace future love once more. You must heal and love yourself first before you seek someone else’s affection.

In order to promote positive change and get rid of any negative belief systems that are holding you back (“I’m not good enough”, “no one will ever love me”, etc) take your malachite crystal in your hand, holding it up in front of you. With your eyes closed and with a focused mind speak your negative belief into the crystal and blow on the stone. This will blow all your negative beliefs into the crystal. Now, take the stone outside and hold the stone up into the wind. Let the wind blow over the crystal – thus blowing these irrational beliefs to the wind! Now you can move forward, embrace positive energy and be ready for future love.


 Ruby (CC Rob Lavinsky,

Rubies are another crystal that works well with the heart. As with the other stones listed here, it can help us overcome emotional issues, past heartache and open ourselves to self-love. However, the most important aspect of deep, red rubies is their potential to attract our soul mates and twin flames.

Carry a piece of ruby on your person when you’re out and about. If you aren’t currently with a partner, this should help attract your soul mate! And if you are already with your soul mate, then it can help boost eternal friendships!


This is just a small glimpse at some of the crystals that can help aid you in your quest to find romance. The main thing is to not be afraid of experimenting with different crystals! What works for one person doesn’t always work for another. But most importantly, the best thing that we can all do in order to find love is to love ourselves first and foremost. By loving ourselves not only do we embrace ourselves, our flaws, our quirks and unique characteristic, but other people can see this shine in you too. Love yourself first. The rest will follow.

Do you have a favourite love crystal that’s not mentioned here? Leave a message down in the comments!     




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