Loving yourself unconditionally

Loving yourself unconditionally to reach an inner sense of freedom - step by step

Deep within the core of our beings there is a wonderful existence that wants to shine and merge with the universe. This energy wants to spread goodwill, love, compassion and a feeling of peace without clinginess and without control. Believe it or not we all hold this ability but because we are all taking part in a such unique life paths we may not come to know this immediately.
We as humans have so much to give to ourselves and others, we are the fuel of our beings and we operate by investing time and energy into the things that we feel passionate about in life. That within itself is a pretty remarkable thing to do, to achieve goals and utilise our gifts.
Trying to get our own attention on the other hand can be a different story all together. We may have been taught bad habits or paid too much attention to negative words and phrases but if we are able to learn those phrases and take on the attitudes from those around us then it can be just as easy to unlearn them and instead forge a line between negative and positive. So that we can adapt to ourselves and to life in a new insightful way.
Finding a way to adapt to a new sense of self takes some time and we may subconsciously venture into the unknown only to find we have lost our place again, or we may walk down certain avenues and then find we created more pain when we were essentially searching for love. But in order to sustain a sense of who we really are, we must walk these uncomfortable paths first and experience the stones in our shoes so that we can become aware of what simply works and what doesn’t.
If we step into a love/hate relationship for example then surely by the end of it we will be wise enough to understand what it is that we dislike about ourselves and not just the other person. Because in order to experience the feeling of dislike or like we have to already be in touch with what it feels like to dislike or like! Usually we will dislike something about ourselves or become vastly aware of our weaknesses in one way or another so the attraction stirs remedies which we had perhaps bypassed.
Gradually over time we then learn tolerance, it is then through tolerance that we really begin to touch base with who we really are and what we really want, we begin to not just accept ourselves but also love ourselves as we overcome obstacles.
It is then that our habitual egos and settings respond to life and its people in an entirely different manner, because when one is free within themselves they can be free with everyone else. We come to experience an entirely different way of living that is set in a higher, vibrational frequency. When you truly love yourself, you let go of expectations and expectation can of course let you down. It is the moment that we find that gold that allows us to shine in our truest form that we begin to attract in the things that we most deeply desire, the things that our souls have been searching for all along, a relationship, a new house, the perfect job. So once we have embedded a sense of love and peace within ourselves and restored our ability to breed light into the sphere it becomes easy to participate in activities that serve our higher selves.

Ego – centred behaviours often equate to dominance and control in any given situation and in particular this will stand for love and relationships. It is the way in which we choose to interact with each other that forces us to the self realisation point of no return, so we then decide to make the decision to transform our ordeals and turn them into something more purposeful. We may even feel a desire to fall back to our ego during times of vulnerability but if we continue to push past control issues and pay attention to those issues we can release we are listening to the sacred self and programming our minds to experience unconditional love which leads us to the divinity of the higher self. We then transform ourselves and in doing so enlighten the lives of those around us as they begin to see and appreciate unconditional love.
Ways to break those negative thoughts:
See your mind as a train
Whenever you start to feel a negative thought creeping into your mind simply visualise a train track where you can go one way or the other. One track leads you to negativity but the other leads to a trail of  nothing but positive vibes. You may wish to visualise yourself at the end of the track looking your best, a moment where you shine. If you keep thinking about that image you will soon steer yourself in the right direction.
Tell yourself that you are ready
You are now ready to let go and love yourself so that others can love and appreciate you in the positive way that you wish to be seen. You may come to notice those around you react differently to you due to an all rounded glow of confidence. Once you have drawn the image in your mind of how you want to be portrayed you can now focus on it and affirm each day:
It’s so easy for people to see me exactly how I wish to be seen – repeat until you feel confident enough and keep repeating with the positive image set in your mind.
Laugh all you want!

If you feel low in confidence or down in the dumps. Laugh about it! And laugh hard before anyone else can. This gives you the power to turn any situation around into gold – finding humour in difficult circumstances can help you to rise above negative attitudes and instead focus more deeply on the positive vibes that you want to send out! Nothing can defeat you!


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