Signs that love is here

Feeling confused about love? Here some things to think about:

 One of the main reasons why so many people get psychic readings is to find out about the big L word – Love! We want to know if love is in the air, we want to know if what we are feeling is for real and most of all we want to know if our lover feels the same way that we do.

Lots of people find themselves in situations that have a degree of synchronicity attached to them and it is important to know whether it really is for real or whether it is purely coincidental. We all feel the signs of  love but sometimes our minds can play tricks on us and we can become infatuated by the idea of love rather than the actual love itself.  

We might hear our favourite song on the radio as we think so deeply about the person we admire, or we might even bump into them unexpectedly, we might hear a series of love songs, we might consistently see red roses or we might pick up on words that relate to love that we wouldn’t normally take any notice of.

Our minds can feel overjoyed and we can feel an overpowering sense and need to contact the ones we desire the most, but what if we have mistaken the songs? What if we have actually got them wrong? Perhaps you have been feeling out of synch recently and you want to know if love really is here so rather than holding on to high expectations  you ask yourself:  “Is this really love?” “Am I sensing it for real?” We all know how easy it is to fall into a cloud of illusion therefore it is perfectly normal to double check our senses.

Perhaps you have  been told recently by a psychic that new love is soon to arrive, you have been given a very accurate description or you may just have that gut feeling, but there is nothing like the feeling of actually knowing that someone is as genuine about you as you are about them  and this is why so many people reconfirm their thoughts with psychic readers. However, there are many things you can do yourself to make sense of what is going on around you. We can begin by asking ourselves if what we are thinking and feeling is realistic. For example, sometimes it is pretty obvious when someone likes you or is even falling in love with you. They may call you several times a day, they may smile randomly at you and they may even have that magical twinkle in their eye when then look into yours, the twinkle that sets your heart on fire.

This is enough to know that what we are feeling is real, because we can pick up the signs of love through a commitment that comes naturally.
Starting new dates however can be hard, in rare circumstances we find ourselves falling after just one date.. Sometimes we feel certain that the other person feels the same way only to find out that they haven’t been returning our calls or messages. We start to wonder at this point if the signs we thought we were seeing are really connected to love.

In terms of what to look out for spiritually when love is around, you could work through the following checklist:

1.        You have powerful and uplifting thoughts or a feeling that something good is going to happen     (sometimes even before the new love arrives into your life)
2.        You felt an immediate connection with your love as soon as you met and he/she expressed the same feeling
3.        You experience feelings that you have never felt before
4.        You feel connected to something higher when your love is around, such as God or your spirit    guide
5.        Your conversations flow like a summer breeze
6.        You feel as if you could forgive your new love anything
7.        You both talk about feeling spiritual with each other
8.        You notice that you feel more patient about life, and even less stressed
9.        You smile over the tiniest of things
10.     Neither one of you are dependent on the other and there is no jealousy involved 

In terms of what to look for physically as far as love is concerned , you could also try the following checklist:

1.                    You feel electric even just by staring at your love
2.                    Your feel unusually relaxed in their presence
3.                    You experience flutters in your stomach
4.                    Your love touches you often, such as putting their hands on your shoulders when      opening the door, touching your hand to say thank you, staring into your eyes more than the average person and giving you a good hug goodbye
5.                    You sense their presence before they enter a building
6.                    You feel as if you are physically part of them in some way but can’t quite put your finger on what
7.                    When you talk you notice things about yourself that relate to them
8.                    You start to see yourself in a whole new light and feel physically beautiful
9.                    You feel more alert with the universe and connected to people as a whole
10.                 Their smell/scent is very familiar to you and comforting 


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