Your Love Dilemmas Solved

Looking at love dilemmas in a spiritual way.

Your Love Dilemmas Solved

Romantic love is one of the most talked about topics on the planet, with people either trying to find it, fix it or deal with its breakdown. Whether you get your love advice from friends, family or gossip magazines, it's worth looking at your love life from a spiritual perspective as well. Thinking about your relationship issues in a spiritual way can open up your eyes to new solutions and show you how to treat yourself and your loved ones with increased compassion. Giving your quest for love or existing relationship a spiritual dimension will bring fulfillment and help you find all the happiness you've ever dreamed about.
Why can't I find a soul mate?
Know Yourself
Before you can form a relationship with somebody else, you need to understand yourself. What are your good qualities and what would you like to change? Until you are comfortable in your own skin, it's unlikely you will be able to form a lasting relationship. Take some time out from your search for romance to grow in confidence and to find out who you truly are. Once you are happy within yourself you will attract romance easily.
Personal Growth
As important as it is to accept yourself, it's also vital to constantly be striving to improve and grow as a person. If there's an aspect of yourself that you dislike, such as a quick temper or lack of patience, it's likely that a potential partner will not be fond of it either; so work to change it. Try meditation to nurture patience or soothe a short temper. To grow in confidence and self acceptance, use gently healing crystals, like onyx and hematite.
Spiritual Evolution
Why do you want to be in a relationship? Write down the first five reasons that pop into your head. If you've scribbled down purely material or emotional reasons, you are missing out. From a spiritual view point, romantic relationships are about how two people can teach one another to evolve spiritually. This sounds complicated but it just means that each partner learns from the other. So partner A is a calm person who avoids conflict while partner B is a fiery person who often has conflicts. To evolve spiritually, partner A learns that to be more of a go-getter who is not afraid to speak his mind, while partner B learns that calmness is not the same as weakness and compassion is better than conflict. So both partners have taken on the positive qualities of the other and shed their negative aspects, but without losing their own identity.
Why do my relationships never last very long?
1) A Spiritual Partnership
When searching for a soul mate, if top of your list are model looks, a bulging bank balance and a lucrative career, you'll get exactly what you're looking for: a shallow and materialistic match. To form a lasting relationship, you need to connect on a deeper, more spiritual level. Of course you must be attracted to the person and shared aspirations can be the glue that binds you. But to be happy you must look beyond the surface.
2) Self Respect
Spend time getting to know a person before jumping into bed; you must like and respect a person for who they are, not what they have, if you want to make it last. You also need to show your new partner that you respect yourself, so they will value you, too.
Why do my partner and I constantly argue?
1) Root Cause
Think about what issues you usually argue about the most: money, sex, family, chores or something else? Once you have identified the root cause you can try to come to a compromise. But you both have to give ground, if one of you refuses to budge it shows a lack of respect and stubbornness that will hold you both back. If you can't identify a single source, you need to do some soul searching because even if it seems like you argue about everything under the sun, conflict will usually stems from one underlying reason.
2) Be compassionate
When you're having a blazing row with your partner, the last thing on your mind is being more compassionate. But exercising this quality will ultimately make both your lives happier. Take a mental step back and try to see things from your partner's perspective, even if you think they're wrong. Remember, this is the person you love, so don't use hurtful words that you can never take back.
3) Intimacy & Transformation
Life is a constant state of change, so don't fight against it. Embrace the chance for you and your partner to grow and transform as the wheel of life turns.
One way to ensure you grow together and not apart is to maintain the intimacy in your relationship. Of course this means sex but it also means any kind of loving contact, such as a hug, a kiss, a smile, holding hands, a kind word or just your presence.
Why is lack of trust ruining our relationship?
1) Find Wholeness
Another person can never 'complete you' because you are whole already. If you are too possessive towards your partner, you are probably lacking in self confidence. Try meditating with gentle rose quartz which has loving energy that will help you break down your mental barriers and open up your heart.
2) Break Free
If it's your partner who is too possessive, try to reassure them of your love and help them to grow in trust by your actions. But don't be controlled or coerced against your will. You can never change somebody else's behaviour, only they can change it for themselves. If your partner is trapped by the need to control, they are not yet ready for love.


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