Spiritual Exercise

Keeping in shape with a dose of daily exercise is important for your physical health. But as you perfect your press-ups or lace up your trainers for a run, you should also consider your spiritual fitness.

Spiritual Exercise

Flex your spiritual muscles with a work-out for body and soul


Keeping in shape with a dose of daily exercise is important for your physical health. But as you perfect your press-ups or lace up your trainers for a run, you should also consider your spiritual fitness. Exercising your spiritual muscles is just as important as keeping your body in shape. Because in order for you to be a healthy whole, all elements of your person need equal attention. Here's how to ensure your mind, body and spirit are all given a good work-out.


1) Walking

This ticks two boxes at once. It's great physical exercise and it's also an easy spiritual technique. On the physical side, walking is accessible to so many of us, especially for people who are not fans of high energy activities. If you walk for 30 minutes at a moderate pace, you will give your body a gentle but thorough work-out. It's also a brilliant way to tap into your spirituality because you can try a walking meditation. This is where you clear your mind of all your daily worries and thoughts - just like for normal meditation. But instead of sitting down and closing your eyes, you keep your eyes wide open as you focus on the natural surroundings your during your walk. You tune-into the beauty of nature and tune-out from the daily grind of life. This is a very mentally and spiritually refreshing activity. Give it a go!



2) Care for an animal

Performing service to others is a key way to wake up your spirituality. When you combine this idea with helping the pure and loving souls that we call animals, you have a winning combination to exercise mind, body and soul. Perhaps you could adopt an animal from a rescue centre? Or even better, volunteer your time to help out at a rescue centre or animal charity. The physical work required to help out: feeding and exercising the animals will keep your body in shape, while the emotional bond and love you'll receive from caring for these pure spirits will awaken your spirituality.



3) Gardening

Simple tasks are best for connecting you to your spiritual side. The act of planting, nurturing, tending and harvesting plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables is draws you close to the creative power of mother nature. Instead of picking all your food from the supermarket shelf: try to grow some for yourself. Even if you don't have an outside space, you can put pots full of parsley, rosemary and thyme on your window ledge. Don't underestimate the power of weeding an elderly neighbour's garden for soothing your soul. Offer your help and reap the rewards.



4) Sporty Skills

If you are a sporty person with a talent for a particular sport, open up your physical exercise to incorporate some spiritual food for your soul. You can do this by passing on your sporting skills for free to the younger generation. Give up an hour or two per week to teach a local group of children how to play your specialist sport. Whether it's running, football, tennis or netball - passing on your knowledge for free is a key way to tap into your spirituality.


5) Meditation group

If physical exercise is not possible for you at the moment, you can still take your spirituality to the next level. Gather a group of like-minded people around you and practice meditation as part of a group. You could do this by joining an existing group - check out your local events listings, or form your own group by networking with people online. Practicing meditation in a group can amplify good intentions and will give you the chance to chat with people who share your interests, before and after the practice.



6) Community Spirit

One of the simplest ways to flex your spiritual muscles is to help people in your local community. Whether that's helping with activities at your child's school, shopping for elderly people, or driving a community bus. Get involved!




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