Once in a Blue Moon!

Full Moon in Pisces

Most of us have heard of the phrase “Once in a Blue Moon” and come to recognise that the term points towards a “one off opportunity”, suggesting that you may not get another opportunity so grab it with both hands!  It can mean something extraordinary will take place or it can also mean that we are about to embark upon a new journey that doesn’t happen very often!  So now might be the time to start new projects , take more chances or simply wish, wish, wish away!

This Friday 31st  August  we will experience the second Full Moon this month. This Full Moon will fall  in the water sign Pisces, which is highly intuitive. The name Blue Moon accounts for times when there are more full moons than is ordinary. [1]The idea of a Blue Moon as the second full moon in a month stemmed from the March 1946 issue of Sky and Telescope magazine, which contained an article called “Once in a Blue Moon” by James Hugh Pruett. Pruett was using a 1937 Maine Farmer’s Almanac, he simplified the definition. He wrote as stated below:

Seven times in 19 years there were — and still are — 13 full moons in a year. This gives 11 months with one full moon each and one with two. This second in a month, so I interpret it, was called Blue Moon.

To break things down ever so slightly, most years have twelve full moons that occur approximately monthly. In addition to the twelve full lunar cycles that we see , each solar calendar year contains around eleven days more than the lunar year 12 lunation’s.  The extra days accumulate, so every two or three years there is an extra full moon. This Full Moon will undoubtedly offer you a chance to let go of painful circumstances that may have been holding you back. Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune and the energy it presents is extremely sensitive, idealistic and even psychic!

Those that relate to the sign of Pisces strongly should already be able to feel the build up to this rather powerful Full Moon. Pisces can be a very forgiving sign and this Full Moon can be a fantastic opportunity to heal old wounds or perhaps ask for forgiveness either from spirit or from close friendships/relationships that may have broken down. This is also a superb time to work on artistic or spiritual matters. Even if we do not relate very strongly to the sign of Pisces we can perhaps begin to work on ourselves a little and find some inspiration in the Full Moon.
A good ritual would be to grab  hold of some Aquamarine which is the birth stone for Pisces, you can also try Bloodstone or Amethyst which are just as powerful. It may also be helpful for you to focus on the colour blue concentrating on your wishes and thinking about what it is you want to let go of.
Do you have a wish you want to make? Go outside quietly and speak your thoughts into the Full Moon focussing on the centre of the Moon imagining that the Goddess herself is watching over you and cherishing your thoughts.

Moon beams shining gently into your face
See yourself in the light of the Moon with all your wishes fulfilled
See yourself as being fully cleansed and recharged
To Do : Make your own energy spray for self love and protection
What you will need:
A clear spray bottle
Some water
Two Moon Stones and some Black Tourmaline
A plastic dish

Cleanse your crystals under clear water
When the moon is full step outside into a quiet spot and  hold  the crystals gently towards your chest and repeat
“I wish for love and protection, I trust the power of this Full Moon and ask that my crystals are gracefully charged with full love and protection for myself and those around me”.
Leave the crystals in a safe place in the plastic container that is filled with water where the Moon can get to them and charge them over night.
When you awake the next morning , safely pour the water into your clear spray bottle and label it “with love and protection”. You can then use this spray whenever you desire protection and love.
Happy Blue Moon!
With love and light x x  x


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