Music is good for the Soul

Ways that music therapy can change your mood and positively impact on your life.

It has remained a mystery how our brains and our bodies process music, everyone has the ability to respond to music listening to music can lift your mood, it has also been said that soothing classical music can heal low spirits. Music is said to influence the process of thinking and learning it may help you think better, analyse matters faster, and work more efficiently. It also promotes a more positive mood and attitude to its listeners and gives them an overall sense of motivation.

Not all music will affect a person in a positive way and not all the same music will affect people in the same way. Not all calming will calm but complementary healing system that can help people. It all depends on the individual person and also to do with the lyrics in some instances, subconsciously a person can pick up on the words and what is really being said. Scientists have also reported that soothing music can actually reduce a heart rate in some cases and music therapy has now been accepted as a form of complementary healing.
Music also is known to help people handle stress more effectively.
The power of music to integrate and cure is quite fundamental. It is the profoundest non-chemical medication". The beauty of music in general is that music is very easily absorbed by our minds. There are different kinds of music for all tastes – classical, pop, rock, rap, jazz, folk – each culture, each generation, has its own style. We can listen to music anywhere and everywhere. People who make music with voice or instrument experience an added dimension to life, but many who might make music do not do so perhaps through lack of confidence. Music has the ability to cut across boundaries through language, culture, age and religion.
Music is known to be therapy worldwide and whether used for making music or listening to it, it is a very important part of spiritual life. It is also known that most significant religious traditions use music to create the mood for prayer or a joyful occasion.
A well known fast food company did some research and interestingly found out that people eat according to speed of the music being played, and therefore when the place was busy and there were queues were building up they play faster music this ensure that the customers eats faster and leaves the restaurant quicker, making tables empty for the next customers.
Music has been known to distract people from thinking negatively and feeling so negative, you probably have experienced this yourself how a certain song can adjust your mood or uplift your spirit. Sad music can actually bring on sadness, people's personalities have an important effect on the emotional responses, it can change a person's moods in a second let a person recall a certain situation that happened to them and change their mood in an instant. Music with stronger beats causes brain waves to act in such a way that is in sync with the music. This brings about higher levels of alertness and concentration. It has also been said that it can have positive effects on the right hand side of your brain and when it affects the brain's centre this is responsible for creativity and development.
Music can lift your soul, it can help you express yourself, and it makes you feel better when things aren't going right in life. It can make one feel happy and sad can work on many different levels calming you down, revving you up. Music therapy does not work for every human being it really does depend on the individual person, but it has been said that it can allow people with emotional issues to explore their feelings and make some positive changes in their current mood.
Therefore, if you are having a bad day when the stresses of life have got you down, put on some cheerful, up beat music and this will lift your spirits ready for the challenge of another day.


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