How do I contact my Spirit Guide?

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We all have spirit guides, but not all of us know who they are. They come from the realm of spirit meaning they have passed over onto the other side but still connect with earth to help us on our journey. They have a higher power and knowledge and usually you will have connected with them in some way before such as a past life. Your higher self chooses your spirit guide and they come to you in times of need. If you are psychic then you will know who your spirit guides are as they pass on information to you so that you can help others.

Many people confuse Spirit Guides with Angels. The difference with spirit guides is that they did once live as a human, whereas angels are divine beings and messengers of God. We can experience both of course but in very different ways. Our Guides will often walk beside us, you may notice them as they fill the room with their presence, they help to sharpen our instincts so that we can make safe decisions, but most of the time we are not always aware. The reason why Spirit Guides are so useful to us is because they understand the difficulties that we have to face as they have experienced life in many different forms before.

Your Spirit Guide could be your Grandmother for example or could even date back as far as Anglo Saxon times depending on the spiritual connections you have. Many Spirit Guides choose to come back to earth after they have helped others. They reincarnate a new life for themselves in a new place whereas others will decide to stay closer to spirit so that they can learn and spiritually advance themselves. We may have all been Spirit Guides once before and this is why sometimes we have unexplained connections with people, because we have perhaps guided them in previous lifetimes and vice versa.

However Spirit Guides are not always there and they do tend to come and go whereas a Guardian Angel tends to stay with you from birth to death. You may notice when your Spirit Guide leaves because the energy around you will change. That’s ok , just be aware of the feeling and simply ask for a new Guide to come in. We need different guides at different times in our lives and this is the reason that they come and go so often. The same one may even come back a few times but it is your higher self that essentially recognises the need for change.

Your guides may even bring new people into your life that you need to connect with or learn from. We often forget how randomly people can enter our lives not being aware that it might be the work of our Spirit Guides. When new people or new circumstances occur, take the time to say thank you to your Guide – you don’t necessarily need to see them in order to do this, you will be able to feel them in the air around you by experiencing the following signs:

Lights flickering

An overwhelming feeling of joy that occurs out of the blue

The feeling of a cloak being wrapped around you

Objects changing place in the room

Unexpected phone calls when no one is there

Once you start to notice changes taking place in your life you may want to contact your Spirit Guide when you feel in need of extra help or guidance. This can be a tricky thing to do if you are not naturally intuitive but it can be achieved if you relax your mind and thoughts enough. Remember that the more you open your mind’s eye and connect the more in touch with your guides you will be. In order to connect with your guide you will need to feel at peace within yourself, so it is not a good idea to try and make a connection on a stressful day. You must also make sure that you will not be disturbed.

Choose a location to contact your guides , your favourite place or a peaceful room and always wear comfortable clothing. It may be a good idea to take some symbols that reflect personal meaning to you and perhaps take a recording device or a pen and some paper with you. You could also light a candle , purple in particular which connects with the Third Eye Chakra – the centre for clear seeing. Now once you feel spiritual enough and relaxed hold on to your inner power and light the candle. Tell yourself that you feel spiritual and that you are spiritual. You have the ability to see ahead and you also have the ability to connect with higher spiritual forces outside the universe.Tell spirit that you are now ready and that you welcome in positive energy as you would like to know who you Guide is at this present time.

Close your eyes


Notice smells, colours, faces, figures and places.

Do you see an old house? A hot country? Notice tiny details like how you feel as you ask for your guide, do you feel jovial? Serious? or perhaps eccentric? If you see feathers and a bow then perhaps you are connecting with a Native American? It could be the tiniest of details that lead you to your Guide. Once you have recorded all these details you will begin to see an overall picture. Remember it is up to your Spirit Guide as to how they want to present themselves to you.

They many not do it until after the meditation or they may do it during. You may see them immediately , or you may not see them at all but there is no right or wrong way and it may take a few meditations until you begin to make a strong enough connection. Quite often things will start to make sense after a few days. Just simply have faith that your Guides are there for you.


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