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Do you sometimes feel as if you can’t build the right atmosphere to do a reading of your own? Or do you sometimes wish that the environment you were in felt a little more spiritual and relaxed? How do you get those magic vibes to filter through the air when doing psychic readings? And more importantly how can you make your clients or friends feel at ease when you are practicing psychic readings?

Creating the right kind of atmosphere with positive energy is extremely important, not only for the people that you read for but for your own psychic development. In general the ambience needs to be calm and tranquil. Because so many clairvoyants, psychics and mediums read from their own home these days atmospheres have become a huge part of the ritual in order to connect with spirit and creating a relaxed environment is just as important when reading for someone over the phone.

A psychic has a particular energy that they must first of all tune in with before deciding to read for anyone, and if this energy is not used in the right way then the connection can often fail. If we do not take the time to create an atmosphere before allowing ourselves to read for others then we won’t feel right within ourselves, the same way in which we would feel uncomfortable if we were to turn up in jeans for an important business meeting or wear our best outfit to a barn dance. There are many ways in which we can create a spiritual atmosphere and it may take some time for you to work out how to build yours if you are a new beginner.

First of all you will need to pick a suitable environment that is comfortable and well ventilated and maintained. You might want to stick some of your favourite images on the wall that you feel represent your spiritual energy or decorate the room to accommodate the client in some way such as reassuring lights or colourful cards. Many healers and lightworkers use essential oils that instantly calm the client’s nerves such as lemongrass or lavender. Or if they are working over the phone they may wish to play some light meditative music in the background.

It is always important to remember that clients can be extremely nervous, especially if it is a first time reading- so atmospheres , tone of voice and facial expressions are very important but as long as you feel a strong and intimate connection with the surroundings then you should be fine to go ahead and give clear, accurate readings. It is also important to use grounding crystals such as black tourmaline or obsidian along with some healing stones of your own. Crystals and healing stones help to set the scene and if you are doing a reading face to face then it may be a good idea to set stones and crystals around the table where the reading is taking place. Healing crystals such as Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz are also great for protection and clarity.

Make sure you are prepared!

Lighting a candle or incense is a great way to welcome spirit in and sets the scene perfectly. You should always place a special cloth over the table where you are reading, making sure all cards have been cleansed of built up energy. If you are reading over the phone then this will apply in the same way, you may want to place some stones or crystals near the phone line also in order to protect both yourself and the client. (Red Jasper or Black Onyx is perfect) . Then simply sit quietly for ten minutes before taking your phone call or answering the door to your client.


Just before your client arrives you can start to make an instant connection by simply focussing on your crown chakra which is bright white in colour. Imagine that there is a big bubble of golden light protecting you and then simply ask spirit to pour information into your crown (anything you need to know basically before the client arrives for the reading). This then helps you to build an instant connection with your client and both of you should instantly feel at ease with each other and the energies should simply flow.

If you work with angel cards or oracle cards it may be a good idea to tune in with spirit and pull one out as you work with your higher self, you could even try this with a friend if you are only just starting off, as quite often you will find that the card reveals something about the nature of the person you will be reading for.
Another way to find out about the person you are reading for is to pull out all the Kings and Queens in your favourite tarot deck. (Kings represents male and Queens female.) Place all four Kings/Queens in a row and ask your guide or intuition to pull out the King/Queen that represents the person enquiring.

With each of the four elements, earth, fire, air and water comes a description of each King/Queen’s personality. You will then know what sort of energy you will be dealing with!

Have fun and happy readings!
With love and light


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