Is your child psychic?

Signs to look out for

Many of us may come to recognise that children are far more receptive than adults. It is believed that this is due to the fact that they are “young souls” and are therefore free of unnecessary baggage which can often distort our general outlook and leaves us feeling disconnected from our inner beings.

Quite often children come out with extraordinary phrases and visions from the imagination that adults can often find hard to determine from being something fantasy or reality. Children fantasize as a natural part of their growth and development but when the child is relating to an “actual” psychic experience they may often show signs of fear or bewilderment, they may even go into themselves a little and not wish to spend so much time with other children.

It is more than likely that he or she will be persistent about what happened in their experience and have an urgent need to talk about it, so it is very important that parents take time out to listen. If the child is speaking about a fantasy however then you will soon start to notice as they will often be inconsistent about the detail and the fantasy will soon be forgotten and replaced with something else.

If you are trying to work out if your child is a true sensitive then the signs usually do start from a very young age and you may or may not have heard of the term “Indigo and Crystal children”. Crystal children are those that start noticing things at a very young age. They usually have deep, penetrating eyes and many people will speak about how different or unique the child looks as they hold a natural healing energy. They are often very happy, pleasant to be around and extremely forgiving. The age of crystal children starts from 0 -7. It is believed that Crystal children are the pointers for where humanity. Perhaps you were even a Crystal child yourself – if you are in your late twenties or so.

Indigo children on the other hand tend to work from the age of 7 through to 25. They are said to share the same characteristics as Crystal children and both are highly sensitive and intuitive , however Indigos tend to have more of a fiery spirit and can act a bit like warriors, this is because of the belief that they have come into the universe to break down old systems so essentially they are “free spirits” with a strong determination.

Dealing with these types of children can indeed be hard and many adults who are not in touch with holistic and spiritual aspects of life may resist change as they value conformity too much due to different times and generations our habits and ideas vary tremendously. But quite often, just leaving a window open in your mind can help you to deal with such sensitive issues. Many children for example will speak about having an imaginary friend , usually this is fanciful but many can be real as quite often the friend that they are describing is actually their “spirit guide”. For example they may explain that they didn’t want to go to the party because their friend (spirit guide) had told them not to in order to protect them from a situation that would not be of benefit to them. Although this may be hard to hear from a child, your reaction as an adult will have a great impact on what happens next.

Even though you may not understand what the child is feeling or hearing, sometimes it can be a good idea to take a personal interest as if you were a special friend too, this way it helps both yourself and the child to unlock whatever it is that is causing them confusion or even distress. Allowing the child to explore their sensitivity and spiritual/creative awareness will help them to function better daily and they will naturally begin to feel more at ease with what is going on spiritually around them or in their minds which is extremely important, as stunting any growth will lead to anger, repression and resentment.

Remember that when any parent or adult shows fear or disapproval to the child he/she will automatically try to stop the psychic/spiritual or even creative experience which could hinder their life purpose and potential in some way. Early signs to look out for with the child being held back from its expression may include secretiveness, guilt and withdrawal until he/she is drawn to likeminded souls. However, it is important to remember that a psychic gift of any can not be destroyed.

So how do you deal with your psychic child? First of all you need to show your child that you have faith in them no matter what and that you trust them in the same way that they trust you. It is important to remain open to any experience that they encounter, even if it seems ludicrous! Rather than ignoring your child’s fantasies maybe try asking some questions as you may notice how your child’s face lights up when they talk about what they have seen or experienced , you may even notice an improvement in their behaviour in some way by taking such a strong interest.

It may also be a good idea to pretend that you are the student and that your child is teaching you something new by bringing yourself to the same level as your child and being interested as if you were their best friend but most of the time listening to your children’s experiences comes from an inner felt emotion, compassion, connection and trust that what your child is telling you is meaningful to them and just as important as attending a maths or English class as our spiritual/inner growth is just as important as our academic growth and it is ultimately the balance of the two that leads to a happy and fulfilling lifestyle!

With much light and love to you and your special child - x-

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