What are spells, where do they come from? And do they work?

Some useful information about spells

Spells have been around for centuries and originated from Wiccans. The word Wiccan is Anglo Saxon “Wicca” meaning wise and the actual history of witchcraft and spell casting is believed to be as old as the rich history of human evolution. The first witches to use spell casting were said to be healthcare providers who discovered medicinal plants and herbs that affect euphoric emotions and the idea progressed thereon Today spells are described as a paranormal or metaphysical act performed in an altered state of consciousness to bring a desired change into our lives. It is a powerful intention and a secret wish that we make within the hope it will steer us in the right direction.

A spell works through concentration and channelling which then moves broader energy currents. It is then through images, visualisations and power thoughts that we are able to bring our intentions to life and live the experience rather than dream it. Our instincts tell us when we need change, we know when something needs shifting and a spell can help us to move things forwards, providing us with the right connections.

Spells tend to have a peculiar way of working however and are in no way harmful. Some lightworkers describe their spells as prayers or wishes that they pour out to the divine. They then bind each spell which seals it with protection so that no harm can come to anyone. However, throughout history spells have been described as evil and many people believed in early modern Christian Europe that spells were only ever cast by bad witches and were somehow in league with the Devil using their powers to harm people along with their possessions, when in actual fact people were casting spells without realising it by thinking a powerful thought or by asking for spiritual guidance, wishing to the stars or admiring the moon.

Today all kinds of lightworkers which are also known as white withes, pagans or wiccans practice magic and spell casting for spiritual growth and to also worship the natural world with the belief that their intentions will create peace and not war. Now if you are wondering whether a spell works then they absolutely do, they are full of fun and flavour and mainly consist of magical rhymes and natural remedies. But they don’t just occur over night they take time and patience and they also require realistic goals. For example, it would be no good wishing for the perfect job when you aren’t networking with people or researching what you want. And it would be no good wishing for “Mr” or “Mrs” Right to come along when all you are doing is sitting inside and not getting out and about.

You must always cast the spell with the intention that you are going to make it happen and then spirit will naturally bring the right ingredients to you. They may also throw you signs so it is always important to be receptive to your surroundings. You can cast a spell or an intention by yourself or you can ask someone else to do it for you. However, spells are said to be more powerful if you infuse it with emotion and feeling – the stronger your intention then the more chance the spell has of working, like with anything, things tend to progress well when energy levels are forceful or extremely high. We can not expect anything to work if there is no energy. Our emotional intentions and desires work in exactly the same way.

Many of us choose to cast spells in different ways, there is no right or wrong way but it does have to feel comfortable for you and it does have to be something that you feel is going to be workable. It may take a while for the spell to manifest depending on how spiritual you are but you should be able to feel the energy of the spell around you after you have cast it, it should lift you and make your feel lighter than what you were before. You can also feel the magic’s energy yourself by rubbing your palms together briskly for ten seconds, then holding them a few inches apart. Try then, to sense the energy passing through them and the warm tingle in your palms – this is said to be the power raised and used in magic, it comes from within and is very natural.

There are many ways in which we can try out spells, and they can be done in the simplest of forms – you don’t even need to decorate your room or light candles to cast your intentions you can simply speak them into nature or send them out to the stars in the sky.

If you are feeling a little stuck right now and need a boost why not cast your intentions to the Full Moon in Virgo which is coming up on 8th March. Virgo is one of the signs that likes to move around and communicate and is also associated with work and service. Think about what you want to achieve and send your thoughts to the Moon! Feel at ease with yourself and forget about the worries around you. See how you feel afterwards.

You could also try herbs, symbols, stones, crystals and music to get your thought process flowing.

If you connect with the Moon well then remember that a waxing to full moon is great for spells on growth and prosperity and a waning to dark/new moon is for banishing the things you no longer need.

Magic and spells must never be used to gain power over others and must always be done with love and light. Remember - A spell is a wish that the heart makes, and we must be open and honest with ourselves if we want it to work!


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