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The Moon's Energy

Find out how the phases of the Moon affect your life ...

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How to Sharpen Your Spiritual Senses

Awaken your senses to get the most from your spiritual experiences. ...

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Nurture Your Natural Psychic Abilities

A look at the signs of natural psychic intuition and how to nurture and develop it. ...

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Find Your Future

A look at alternative methods of divination ...

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What Does Your Aura Say About You?

A look at the different coloured auras and their spiritual meanings. ...

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Is Hypnotism just for Entertainment?

A look at the phenomenon of hypnotism and whether it is useful or just for fun ...

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Why Ghosts Aren't Spooky!

Most spirits aren't spooky spectres trying to make you shudder with fright. The majority of reported spirit contact is with departed loved ones who are seeking to comfort the living. Consulting a medium is the best way to understand your spirit message. ...

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The Significance of Numbers

Find out about numerology, which is a spiritual practice that can define your lucky life path numbers ...

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What to Expect from a Spiritual Medium

What to expect from a visit with a spiritual medium ...

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What is Palmistry?

For those seeking guidance, palm readings can provide insight into the spiritual, mental and physical occurrences in their lifetime. The lines of the palm say whether an individual will be lucky in love, be successful, had previous major illnesses, and ev ...

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Psychic Powers Explained

Looking at different types of psychic powers and how they can help you ...

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Opening and closing a psychic circle

Some useful information to help guide you on your spiritual and psychic quest ...

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