Are You on the Verge of a Spiritual Awakening?

As more and more people seek the path to spiritual enlightenment it's important to understand the signs that a spiritual awakening is about to occur.

Are you ready for your spiritual awakening?

If you are willing to receive guidance or ask questions about the unknown, the Universe is always willing to provide.

The Universe, so full of mystery and ancient wisdom, has always been here to assist us on our journey of self discovery, healing and spiritual transcendence.

But our own Ego has stopped us progressing on this natural path of enlightenment.

However, it is often in moments of despair, personal turmoil or life changing events that we are given a glimpse of this deeper understanding. In moments where our Ego no longer controls us we are blessed with insight and knowledge that can often lead to deep and powerful spiritual growth – otherwise known as a spiritual awakening.

You may have heard this turn of phrase before. Many people throughout the course of humanity have been blessed with visions of enlightenment, spiritual rebirths and moments of sheer understanding of what’s really going on.

But our own Egos and disconnected way of life have caused us to look at these moments of spiritual awakenings in a very different and rather unsettling light – mental illness.

Sadly, for most people who start feeling these spiritual growing pains it can be a bumpy and confusing experience.

Some may feel as if they are on the brink of an existential crisis or midlife crisis, others may confuse their symptoms of awakening with that of a mental disorder or emotional breakdown.

Far too often medical professionals would rather willingly ply us with medication in such circumstances than ask us why we actually feel the way we are feeling and ask us to reflect on our personal voyage. They don’t get to the root cause of such a shift in thought and feelings. Instead they medicate us and prolong the suffering of those on the brink of spiritual and personal development.

But if you are willing to dig a little deeper during this traumatic and difficult phase of your life, what you may soon be faced with is an altogether different outlook on your situation.

If you’re willing to look for the signs and be responsive to the messages you’re receiving from the Universe, you may just realise that your emotional breakdown isn’t happening at all. In fact...

You’re emotionally breaking down your Ego. You’re having a spiritual breakthrough or realignment.

By breaking down our Ego we can let go of all that was holding us back. We can ascend to a new spiritual realm of thinking.

The turmoil you’re going through isn’t a test of your substance, but a nudge in the right direction towards spiritual enlightenment.

When we accept this spiritual truth we can use our time to really assess the past situations that have arisen. Were the circumstances that have led us here for no reason at all? Were they actually gifts that have set us on our new path of discovery?

Once this phase of questioning and acceptance has occurred we can finally break down that final barrier – the Ego. Here we find that we are no longer the captives of our own mind and false beliefs. We can live the life we were originally set out to lead without previous issues holding us back.

Moreover, as a keeper of such new profound wisdom you may find that you don’t even bat an eyelash at unwanted events that previously may have harmed or deterred you. They no longer wield any power over you.

You have finally ascended.

Of course, it is important to understand that a spiritual awakening can happen at any moment and at any time in your life – spiritual ascension doesn’t always transpire from traumatic events. If your mind is open and willing enough to seek out new truths, then you too can spiritually awaken.

All it takes is a little soul searching and spiritual guidance to know how.

If you’re unsure whether or not you are in the midst of a spiritual awakening, here are a few of the most common signs that you may be on your way to a spiritual rebirth.

#1 Synchronicity Is Everywhere

You're noticing patterns in nature more than ever. Could it be a sign?

It may just start out with one or two coincidences. But then you start to notice a whole heap of somehow unconnected events miraculously intertwining and being spotted at every possible opportunity.

These coincidences often have profound meaning and the probabilities of them happening at the same time are so slim that the only plausible explanation is the involvement of a higher power.

It cannot be attributed to mere chance.

Start paying attention to each of these occurrences. Is there a connection? Is the Universe trying to guide you in some way? Whatever the case, keep doing what you’re doing. The Universe is aligning itself for you one way or another.

#2 Your Desires and Interests Are Changing

From the moment you start out on your spiritual ascension you will notice that things don’t quite sit as well with you as they used to. The more you awaken your mind, the more you pursue wisdom and knowledge, the more you grow disassociated and disconnected to your previous way of life.

You are transitioning.

Things you previously got excited for no longer excite you, in fact they bore you. The relationships you had with people –no matter how far they go back- just don’t click in the same way either. Now that your mind’s eye has opened the mundane (albeit not mundane at the time) isn’t enough.

You want to seek out new friendships, new prospects, careers, interests. You’re changing.

Although it might be difficult to come to terms with at the time, it is for the best.

Let go, let go, let go.

Out with the old and in with the new.

#3 You Crave Solitude and Introspection

Solitude doesn't always equate to loneliness. Sometimes we need a little space during our spiritual awakening.

This is a strange time for you, and you may not entirely know how to handle it or who to turn to. So you turn deep inside yourself. You start to soul search.

Whether you are an extrovert or already an introvert, the time you crave for yourself is increasing. You want to understand yourself more, but you also want to understand why people act the way they do more, too.

You may also mistake this feeling of wanting solitude as loneliness. But this is simply your Ego still holding on to what’s left of your insecurities.

Take this time to learn about yourself on a deeper level. The Universe will guide you towards the areas you need to look at most.

#4 You No Longer Care about the Opinions of Others

Basically, you’ve stopped caring about what other people think about you.

You are finally on the path towards self acceptance, one of the biggest obstacles people face during spiritual awakenings.

Life is finally starting to feel a lot easier and manageable to you. Your fears of upsetting others and not living up to expectations are subsiding and you no longer stress about keeping up social appearances for appearances sake.

You are learning to love yourself. Spiritual journeys always begin with Love and Light after all.

Your blossoming relationship with the Universe is truly starting to take hold, too. You’re beginning to trust what it has planned for you and have cast aside what your Ego has been telling you all your life thus far.

Your intuition is telling you to move on from the past. To let go and look further afield. Everything will unfold the way it is supposed to. You are learning to accept and embrace life’s experiences and all it has to offer – without any unnecessary baggage.



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