Is there other life? Has there been other life? And does it go on?

Some fascinating information about the possibility of life elsewhere including life after.

If one thing is for sure, it’s that life is unpredictable! And so is the earth that we walk on. We all tend to live by the theory that “whatever will be will just be” but sometimes when you are lying awake at night you might just wonder why it is we are all here and whether or not there has been life before or even more to the point is there life on other planets?
[1]Earth formed approximately 4.54 billion years ago, and life appeared on its surface within one billion years. Earth's biosphere then significantly altered the atmospheric and other basic physical conditions, which enabled the proliferation of organisms as well as the formation of the ozone layer, which together with Earth's magnetic field blocked harmful solar radiation, and permitted formerly ocean-confined life to move safely to land. 
We know several things about earth. Such as the earth’s crust being divided into several rigid segments and also that earth interacts with other objects in space, such as the Sun and the Moon and also that one orbit around the sun, the Earth rotates about its own axis 366.26 times, creating 365.26 solar days, or one sidereal year. And these are facts. But we may wonder what lives behind the science and what lives beyond that, if anything. There are a vast majority of theories however when it comes to exploring life outside of this earth and whether or not there has been life before this.
Studies suggest for example that over the past decade  there have been rapidly expanding earth like planets. [2]Planet hunters have found hundreds of exoplanets, and many of them are said to be gas giants just like Jupiter, our planet of expansion.

But new techniques for planetary detection have allowed them to detect smaller, rocky worlds too like Earth, meaning they orbit at a distance that could produce temperatures similar to those on Earth.
Also, research from the [3]Ohio State University also made some very interesting discoveries about the search for life. Preliminary findings come from geologists and astronomers where they studied eight “solar twins” of our sun—stars that very closely match the sun in size, age, and overall composition—in order to measure the amounts of radioactive elements they contain. Those stars came from a dataset recorded by the High Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Searcher spectrometer at the European Southern Observatory in Chile.

They searched the solar twins for elements such as thorium and uranium, which are essential to Earth’s plate tectonics because they warm our planet’s interior.  Plate tectonics helps maintain water on the surface of the Earth, so the existence of plate tectonics is sometimes taken as an indicator of a planet’s hospitality to life.

That, in turn, means that the interior of the planets are probably warmer than ours.
One star in the survey was said to contain 2.5 times more thorium than our sun, said Ohio State doctoral student and researcher Cayman Unterborn. According to measurements, terrestrial planets that formed around that star probably generate 25 percent more internal heat than Earth does, allowing for plate tectonics to persist longer through a planet’s history, giving more time for live to arise.

Researcher Unterborn, who presented the results at the American Geophysical Union meeting stated that if it turns out that these planets are warmer than what they previously thought, then they can effectively increase the size of the habitable zone around these stars by pushing the habitable zone farther from the host star, and consider more of those planets hospitable to microbial life. The conclusion of the study predicted that there is some natural variation in the amount of radioactive elements inside stars like ours, with only nine samples including the sun, although they could not say much about the full extent of that variation throughout the galaxy. But from what they know about planet formation, they do know that the planets around those stars probably exhibit the same variation, which has implications for the possibility of life.
Other research has pointed towards life on other planets before earth, for example,  there is general  mystery about[4] chemical reactions in the earth that may have started with complex organic compounds not to mention fragile membranes that eventually became cells. The environment on Earth was said to be hostile when life evolved — the atmosphere was packed with methane, and the planet's surface boiled with lava. One common theory is that simple, single-celled life actually evolved elsewhere — perhaps Mars for example — and came to Earth inside meteorites. This theory is called panspermia, and suggests that life on Earth arose due to life on other planets. There is also strong evidence that water once flowed freely on Mars, and Saturn's moon Titan has seas of methane as well as rivers flowing across its surface. Jupiter's moon Europa is believed to be one, massive ocean, warmed by the moon's core and completely covered in a thick, protective layer of ice. Any of these worlds might have harbored life at one time, or currently.
Theories on life elsewhere continued to be investigated and we as humans will forever wonder, not just from a scientific perspective but also from a spiritual perspective as we continue to hear stories about people who have experienced Near Death Experiences and come back almost certain that life does continue to go on. The general feeling that life continues is becoming widely accepted now as even [5] Scientists investigating 'near-death' experiences say they have found evidence to suggest that even consciousness can continue to exist after the brain has ceased to function. Patients had  told the researchers that they had experienced feelings of peace and joy, and a feeling that time had speeded up, heightened senses, lost awareness of body, seeing a bright light, entering another world, encountering a mystical being and coming to "a point of no return".
There may not be 100% proof or knowing about life after or life before or life continuing now on other planets for that matter, but it is pretty evident and clear that research theories and holistic wellbeing is speeding up therefore our thoughts are rapidly expanding leading us to a higher level of awareness, increasing our intelligence. The spirituality that we all feel within us speaks for something else that perhaps science can’t always explain. Therefore it is important that we keep ourselves alert to the fascinating astronomical and astrological changes that the universe continues to deliver to us enhancing and shaping our spiritual growth on earth.



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