Symbols and their meanings

Some information about how to read and interpret symbols

Many of us download symbols without realising. For example we may dream of a symbol or see a symbol in our minds eye but fail to follow through the meaning. No one knows why such symbols fall into our minds eyes, but psychologists such as Carl Jung believed that we download them from our sub conscious mind or our higher self. This is how Clairvoyants and Mediums tend to work when reading for others  - by seeing signs and symbols.

Many of us may have also had the experience of hearing words in our minds that we have never heard before. There can be very important messages for us if we follow the words, phrases and feelings that we get. For example, if your mind presents you with a word that you do not understand then research it! Not only does this educate you but it will also help to develop your own psychic intuition. After continuing with your research you may well start to notice a pattern and although the meaning behind the  word or symbol you have researched  may not make sense at first, it will undoubtedly make sense after a period of time has passed.

Keeping a symbolism diary can help you to stay on track. It is  also important to note that many of us read symbols in different ways. For instance, many of us that read tarot cards or runes have a unique understanding of the symbols and images on the cards and stones. Personal interpretation is vital as this assists us when we tune in to the world around us, applying our own knowledge to situations , feelings and people. So never be frightened of exploring what your own interpretation might mean.

We are not changing what the symbol means but instead working out what it means to us. An example is the pentagram that has been used to transmit occult powers in all kind of rituals for centuries. To Christians this represents a star which was said to be a special part of God’s creation but to Pagans this may represent the five different elements of earth. Spirit, Water, Air, Fire and Earth and can also help with protection.

The symbol of the fish as well – in astrology this represents the star sign Pisces which is creative, kind and gentle. But the image of the fish to Christians would mean following Jesus and sharing love.
Another symbol is “The Wheel” which is a universal symbol of cosmic unity and is used in astrology indicating “the circle of life”. This circle is also used by Pagans as the sacred circle and is described by Buddhists as being the Wheel of Life too and then it is considered a Medicine Wheel to Native Americans. We also see the Wheel in the tarot deck which is known as the “The Wheel of Fortune” and represents changes , cycles and a degree of luck depending on the surrounding cards.

So you can see that we can all interpret symbols in many different ways. It is impossible to take away the meaning of any symbol because each and every one of us sees things in completely different ways but the symbol itself is always there to guide us and help us to think about what it really means to us. It is the same with the Sun, the stars and The Moon – they all have different affects on us and we all relate to them in very different ways.

Some easy symbols to start with:

Starting with symbols that are easy to recognise will help to open our minds up and allow other symbols to creep their way in. You may wish to do your own research on line or perhaps think about buying a book on symbolism to see how you interpret  each symbol. Many people like to study the symbol by itself without reading the meaning of the text. This can  be a mindful exercise as once you have formed your own interpretation and belief in the symbol , you can compare it to the original meaning , seeing if they differ or relate.
The symbol of the Sun – the Circle

This is considered to be an ancient and universal symbol of unity and wholeness. In astrology we see a circle with a dot in it but this symbol can mean many different things to different people and religions. To many contemporary pagans this sign speaks about femininity and mother earth. Other interpretations speak about the Sun as being our “inner king” and has also been spoken about as being God himself, shining upon us and warming our hearts and the earth, providing us with the energy that we need.  The Sun is the most powerful light of all , so this symbol is important to many.

The Moon

The moon  has many different stages and each stage can mean something different to each and every one of us. Some religions believe that the Moon is more powerful than the Sun but that the Moon represents the feminine side and the Sun the masculine. An example of phases of the Moon is the image of  The Crescent Moon which  in astrology means growing.  It comes from a Latin verb crescere meaning "to grow", and is also referred to as "waxing" or "increasing. This is then considered a good time to start new projects. Other interpretations have pointed towards victory or the symbol of aging.

The Cow

Sometimes the Cow can represent the sign Taurus in astrology. To Egyptians however this symbolised the sky goddess, Hathor and for Hindus the symbol was considered to be the highest stages o transformation – reincarnation. Others see the Cow as an emotional response to something important in life, such as a Cow appearing symbolically before an argument  - the interpretation could signify the need to stand firm and grounded. Cows watch the world go by and have  much time to think and ponder, therefore we may need to readjust , recollect and rejuvenate.

The Lion

This is known as an ancient symbol of the Sun, ruling the star sign Leo. Many people have interpreted this sign as strength, domination , power and bravery. It is also a symbol that we see on the tarot card as “Strength” with the symbol of the Lion. Pagans however, see this differently and it is said to represent their mythical views of reality – for example, the Lion was created by God and in the Bible we understand how he used it and also the reasons behind it.
These few simple symbols can help you to see how easy it is to build your own interpretations. The beauty of it is that absolutely anything could be a symbol! And we can also create our own symbols. Simply relax and let the images fall effortlessly  into your mind!

Enjoy , with love and light x x x
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