Welcome in Beltane with the biggest Moon of the year!

Full Moon in Scorpio

This Saturday 5th May the Moon will be full, bright and beaming in Scorpio, whilst the Sun is in Taurus. When the Moon is full it helps us to see both situations and people for what they really are. This should be an interesting combination as Taurus likes to be practical and harmonious about life and Scorpio likes to be secretive but can often reveal things that people don’t necessarily want to hear after their intensity has brewed to the surface.

Both signs are known for “keeping things in” so this full Moon should be an interesting one, not only that but the full Moon coming is said to be the biggest Moon of the year so far so don’t be surprised if things become a little more intense than normal.. especially with Moon in Scorpio! It is also the start of the Celtic Festival of Beltane, also known as “Wesak Moon” which is an auspicious day that celebrates the birth, life and death of the Buddha and Christ Consciousness.

Beltane celebrates the beginning of the Summer. It is a time for music, dance, song and the employment of nature. Usually during Beltane we feel inclined to be more creative and sexual, the countryside turns beautiful shades of green and the dawn chorus becomes far greater than what it was before. We see bluebells and beautiful woodland floors covered in flowers, you may even start to notice the scent of honeysuckle.

So this Moon is a good opportunity to welcome in happier times but it will indeed be an intense one therefore you may find yourself experiencing extreme emotions that you feel unable to express in some way or you may even feel compelled to express yourself on an intimate level with someone special. Whichever one, you can pretty much guarantee that the Full Moon in Scorpio will leave you feeling more passionate and intense than ever, particularly if you are a Sun Scorpio or have your Moon in Scorpio.

It might also be important to take note of other peoples’ feelings and emotions during this Full Moon, as the Moon is well known for controlling the tides of the sea so it also affects the way we react to people and situations. You could find yourself in an intense debate with someone close or experience “low and high” tides of emotion yourself. So be prepared by lighting a red or black candle, grab yourself some grounding stones and sit calmly under this mysterious, but rather glorious Full Scorpio Moon!

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