What are Venus Signs and how do you read them?

Understanding your Venus sign gives you a better chance of getting straight to the crux of what makes you happy in a relationship with someone else - and yourself.

Whether you've just had a full astrological birth chart drawn out or simply want to delve deeper into Venus Sign meanings and how they relate to you, we're here to help. 

In this article, we'll talk about the most alluring and romantic features of our natal charts, touching on what it means for your outlook on social relationships - and even love. 

So let's get started! 

Here are the basics...

What Does Your Venus Sign Mean In Astrology?

It's easy to think that astrology revolves around the sun sign, much like the planets do in our natural solar system.

But in reality, the classical planets govern different parts of the human spirit and personality, which is something professional astrologers have been charting for centuries. You see, the sun sign represents your entire sense of self, while the moon sign hints at hidden values and deep-set emotions. 

Meanwhile, your Venus sign sums up everything you value and love in the world. This spans your relationships, both platonic and romantic, the way you show adoration and the things that bring you joy and pleasure in all aspects of life. These themes come from the Goddess Venus herself, whose feminine symbol and planetary ruling brings her love for all things, well, love to your life!

So why is it so important to understand your Venus Sign?


Should you read your Venus sign?

Unlike its other planetary counterparts, Venus is all about the richness of social relationships. That covers the connections between romantic partners, friends, family and even work colleagues, showcasing how integral it is in our daily lives. 

It also dictates our spending habits and what we're drawn to in terms of aesthetics and feelings of glamour. 

But most importantly, Venus tells us how we love. That involves all the nitty-gritty bits that often get overlooked with sun sign compatibility, such as what we're looking for in a partner, how we show affection and adoration, what we find erotic, and how we bring value to a companion's table. It also gives us scope for the future, tapping into what we hope to build for our lives with another person. 

Essentially, understanding your Venus sign gives you a better chance of getting straight to the crux of what makes you happy in a relationship with someone else - and yourself.

What does your Venus sign mean?

If you want to find out what your Venus sign is, then it's fairly easy to calculate your birth chart online. Once you've done this, you can start to dig into what your zodiac sign in particular means for your romantic relationships, including how you seek luxury and pleasure.

Keep reading to find out the unique qualities of your Venus sign. 

Your Venus Sign Is Aries

When it comes to your love life, Venus in Aries folk are unafraid to go and get what they want - and need - from a relationship. You love your partners fiercely and expect the same, which can sometimes result in you coming off as a little selfish. However, many are attracted to your fiery dominance and impulsive spirit. 

Your Venus Sign Is Taurus 

Venus is Taurus' ruling planet, so it makes sense that Taureans are incredibly sensual, emotive, and physical lovers. You show your adoration by giving and receiving beautiful things - often going above and beyond for partners. As such, you need someone who can meet your demands, whims, and fancies - as well as keep you in the lap of luxury. 

Your Venus Sign Is Gemini

Venus in Gemini people are incredible communicators, showing your affection and love through deep and emotional discussions both in-person or over the phone. As a result, you can come off as a mile-a-minute in relationships, making the other person feel like you're not as invested as they are. 

Your Venus Sign Is Cancer 

Much like Cancer People as a whole, these crabs are all about being in touch with their deep-rooted emotions. As such, you may struggle with passing flings or casual dating, which can come off as 'too hard, too fast' when it comes to the clinging of commitment. You want the real thing and are willing to wait for the 'perfect someone' to come along. 

Your Venus Sign Is Leo 

Leo's Venus is all about celebration. That means you want the whole world to see how in love and happy you are - so make sure your partner is happy to be put on a pedestal and vice versa! Passion and sentiment are everything, so as long as you both can stoke those embers (making you feel special) then any love match can last.

Your Venus Sign Is Virgo 

Analytical Virgo Venus' can struggle to separate their mind from their heart. As such, you may have a habit of being a "fixer" in relationships or offering constructive criticisms to make you both 'better', which is something that may need to be worked on. However, your way with words has an unreal charm, which wins over any lover when it counts. 

Your Venus Sign Is Libra 

Venus rules over the sign of Libra, meaning you'll seek the most beautiful, peaceful connections where possible. You hate conflict and may have adopted an 'avoid at all costs' attitude, which may lead to you getting walked over. Remember your happiness counts too, and you'll find even more meaningful connections that speak to the soul.

Your Venus Sign Is Scorpio 

Venus in Scorpio is introverted and aware, with a protective stinger and shell. Once someone is let in close, you're as intimate and intense as anyone can be, proving to be a faithful and attentive lover. However, it won't hesitate to use its poisonous sting if threatened or betrayed in love - so be aware!

Your Venus Sign Is Sagittarius 

Venus is in Sagittarians are some of the most fun and adventurous people to be in a relationship with. You are always looking for excitement in life, which can make it hard to pin you down when things turn serious in a relationship - something that can be navigated with clear communication during the occasional calm moment.

Your Venus Sign Is Capricorn 

Much like Virgos, Venus in Capricorn people can be very calculated when it comes to their feelings. They are dedicated to building solid foundations where love can grow and committing to the other person, with a focus on long-lasting connections. Just make sure your partner knows they are in for the long haul! 

Your Venus Sign Is Aquarius

When Venus is in Aquarius, your love is much more distanced. It doesn't mean it's any less emotional, but it is more a constant and steady burn rather than a surge of passion that fanned and wanes over months and years. You like to explore different ways of expressing your feelings and, honestly, just like to enjoy the process of falling for someone. It's a beautiful thing.

Your Venus Sign Is Pisces

Pisces is one of the zodiac signs associated with romanticism and dreams. In Venus, it gives you the chance to push these themes to the max, allowing you to discuss and show your feelings through more artistic methods. You might 'be away with the fairies' from time to time, so work hard to stay in the moment and make sure your whimsical ways of showing affection are being understood and reciprocated.

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